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Pirates in spaaaaaaaace…

One aspect of software piracy that’s always interested me is the way protection schemes always seem to end up causing nothing but trouble for legitimate users — while pirates happily release 0-day cracks to use the software trouble-tree (albeit illegally). … Continue reading

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User perception of SafeBrowsing

I’ve rarely hit the Google SafeBrowsing (malware) warning page, but last week it flagged a few sites that caught my attention. One was (a reserved domain, which amusingly caused our test suite to fail :). The others were real … Continue reading

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Capital N, small y…

David Baron reminded me on IRC that there have been throbber design contests in the past… There’s this Netscape page for a 1995 (?) animation contest (holy 16-color flashback, batman!), which conveniently has images for each frame for the winner … Continue reading

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All Glory To The Hypno-Throbber

As you might have heard, the theme for Firefox 3 has been undergoing a refresh. Alex Faaborg has been blogging about most of the big changes, but I thought I’d mention one little piece of remaining work — the throbber … Continue reading

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