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Test cases make bad law

Testing seems to be the topic du jour this weekend… A few remarks. I don’t think this is a discussion that should be framed as an argument between pro-test and anti-test factions. In fact, I’m not even sure the latter … Continue reading

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Ridiculous cell phone rates

I’ve been shopping around for a new cell phone and plan. My first attempt was about a year ago, after moving to the Bay area, but I gave up in despair. I had been hoping that the success of the … Continue reading

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I, for one…

Are We Giving Robots Too Much Power? [youtube OGxdgNJ_lZM] (YouTube)

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Robots in spaaaaaaaace…

The space shuttle is in orbit right now, delivering some more equipment to the International Space Station. One of the payload items is Dextre, a large robotic hand that will be attached to the end of the station’s robotic arm. … Continue reading

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