Rocket science, indeed

NASA’s Mars Phoenix spacecraft has landed, without disaster, and the first pics are in. Huzzah!

But what I found most stunning was this picture:

That’s a shot of Phoenix dangling under it’s parachute (mid-air, during landing), taken by another spacecraft (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) from orbit. Wow.

Trivia: Something similar was done in 2005, when MGS took pictures of Odyssey and Mars Express. Apparently this is an old spy satellite trick, taking a look at foreign hardware (or your own)… Although one can get nice views from the ground, too.

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  1. monk.e.boy says:

    thanks for the links :-) love it :-)

    The photos of the shuttle were amazing, you forget that the navy / army have amazing telescopes point both up and down (at us)…..

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