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New Pepsi logo

So, apparently Pepsi has just spent 5 months and $1 million to update their logo: Hmm… Something looks familiar about that. What could it be… Ah, yes: Let’s just hope they don’t come out with a jointly-branded version that’s Seamonkey … Continue reading

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Image manipulations

Fred and Borris both recently blogged about intelligent image resizing. This previously came up about a year ago, probably when this research video started making the rounds: [youtube vIFCV2spKtg] It’s cool stuff, although I’m a little doubtful about it working … Continue reading

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Stupid MobileMe

A month or two ago this stupid little icon showed up on my menu bar. I found it kind of amusing (in a sad kind of way) because it appeared out of the blue, without my having approved anything, and … Continue reading

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