New Pepsi logo

So, apparently Pepsi has just spent 5 months and $1 million to update their logo:

Hmm… Something looks familiar about that. What could it be… Ah, yes:

Let’s just hope they don’t come out with a jointly-branded version that’s Seamonkey flavored. :-)

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15 Responses to New Pepsi logo

  1. Grey Hodge says:

    The font on the new pepsi logo looks nearly identical to the font they used in the early early 80s for Diet Pepsi.
    Man, talk about money wasted.

  2. gandalf says:

    1987 one is my favorite. I’m a huge fan of pepsi (over coca cola of course), I even had been addicted to it several years ago (at the time when I was spending each night coding with 4 liters of pepsi next to my keyboard)…

    With the new logo… ehhh… My old love is gone. ;)

  3. Mossop says:

    Just what do seamonkeys taste like?

  4. Daniel Holbert says:

    The 2008 Pepsi logo reminds me of Obama’s campaign logo, flipped upside-down.

  5. Trel says:

    Glad to see I’m not alone with seeing Seamonkey in that.

  6. NeilM says:

    > seamonkeys taste like?


  7. J Reed says:

    Actually, all the Pepsi products have used the same font since 1971. The early 80’s Diet Pepsi and the new Pepsi logo are just lower-case.

  8. J Reed says:

    Pepsi has been using the same font since 1971. The early 80’s Diet Pepsi and the new Pepsi logo are just lower-case.

  9. lofi says:

    this reminds me of this page:

    it’d be a stretch to try and say the imagined logo from the linked page is similar to the new one, but the 2.0 flavour is there in both :)

  10. klaus says:

    My Favorit is their logo from 1962.

  11. Keith Lori-Shirley says:

    I think someone’s watched a few too many Partridge Family shows…..

  12. Doc4 says:

    This was my first thought as well and it has been haunting me ever since. My biggest problem with this new Pepsi logo is that the “Seamonkey” loses or gains weight depending on which ad you’re looking at.

    Subliminal messages or intentional advertising? I haven’t looked that closely into it.

  13. YourLogoMatters says:

    I personally don’t like it.

    Before & After magazine has an interesting take on this topic:

  14. Web Design says:

    What strikes me as odd is why they needed to re-address the logo in the first place, there is no denying that they are a household name along with coca cola so why the need to use some silly idea.
    At that price I could have done them a logo and retired to an exotic island, hell, could have bought me own island lol

  15. Crazy. And crazy money, too. I don’t see how this can help build a stronger identity for Pepsi – which is already pretty strongly identified to be fair.

    It reminds me of (smaller scale, mind you) the fiasco and the new logo – aka the ‘golden banana’.. take a look some time, for a chuckle.

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