Delicious Personas

Personas, for those not familiar with it, is a Firefox add-on from Mozilla Labs that allows you to easily reskin the browser. Sort of like a theme, but different.

This weekend I decided to make a bacon persona. It was really easy to do; I just made a couple of JPEGs and submitted them to the site. Result:

If you want to try it out, just:

  1. Install Personas from
  2. Select “Bacon” from the Personas directory. It’s under the “Other” category. (At the moment, it’s also at the top of the “Recent” subsection.

Mmm, bacon.

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3 Responses to Delicious Personas

  1. Alex Faaborg says:

    Seems to work best with the ubuntu human theme, although we haven’t yet deployed Sean’s bacon-button technology (

  2. Funtomas says:

    Thought, Red Panda’s herbivore.

  3. Vini says:

    Can one create his/her own branded theme for firefox browser. I am good in designing …. Is there any API to create a theme easily , by selecting the images and integrate them as per browser requirement dimensions.

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