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Observations from a Comcast outage.

I use a Comcast cable modem at home… I’ve been satisfied with the service; it’s fast enough for my needs and is generally dependable (brief glitches happen once in a while, which quickly fix themselves). However, for the past two … Continue reading

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Be prepared.

How I plan to survive next week’s MoCo all-hands meeting: 3 liters (aka a double magnum or jeroboam) of Stone Brewing’s Double Bastard Ale. Mmmm, I can’t wait. Team Firefox will drink well!

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Mega status update

I’m terrible at remembering to send out regular status updates, so here’s a belated list of things I’ve been up to recently in Firefox-land… * CrashKill. We’ve been making a big push to reduce Firefox crashes. I’ve largely been working … Continue reading

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