No big whoop

The URL shown here is making the rounds. WARNING: don’t visit this URL unless you’re prepared to have your browser crash (the screenshot is from a current trunk nightly, which survives the Flash crash due to Out Of Process Plugins support).

I’m getting all verklempt.

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2 Responses to No big whoop

  1. Dan says:

    Isn’t crashing for me here using Chrome. Weird. I want my sad puzzle piece! :(

    Maybe it’s cause I’m running on a 64-bit proc/OS? But browsers are 32-bit usually, for plugin compatibility…

  2. philipp says:

    hey i’m using linux amd64 and the official 64 bit version of firefox from but i cannot see the message, the embedded plugin just disappears though i kill the mozilla-runtime process
    is this not yet implemented on 64 bit or linux or is there another problem (bug)?

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