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Status update

One of these things I did not actually work on: JavaScript / js-ctypes implementation of WeaveCrypto Migration and replacement of localstore.rdf with a .json backing store Rickrolling Fligtar’s new dashboard Tab-modal dialogs proof-of-concept Fix multiple master-password dialogs with session restore … Continue reading

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Weave, crypto, and JavaScript

tl;dr: fa20ae35b8ac53b28dde4fc333aba21f :-) Up until now, Mozilla’s Weave add-on has been living with an awkward implementation detail: a binary component. When I wrote Weave’s current cryptographic component back in 2008, in order to use the crypto code that’s already in … Continue reading

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Post This Hacker

I couldn’t resist a little wordplay on the Mozilla Drumbeat Hack This Poster… (cut strips at bottom so people can have their own tear-off miniblizz!)

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Status and stuff

A bit of stuff I’ve been up to lately: CSS Transitions for videocontrols. Finally got around to landing this. There’s really no visible change, but it replaces and simplifies a whole bunch of Javascript-driven animation code. CSS Transitions are really … Continue reading

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Last week I noticed something quietly frustrating about reading bugmail in Thunderbird… Someone had generated a bunch of bugspam while shuffling around bugs into new components, and I was cleaning it up. For the most part, sorting the messages by … Continue reading

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On analysts and reality

Saturday: “Piper Jaffray Senior Research Analyst, Gene Munster, on Saturday said he believes Apple sold between 600-700 thousand iPads on the first day.” Monday: “Apple announced this morning that they had sold over 300,000 iPads on the first day.”

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