Last week I noticed something quietly frustrating about reading bugmail in Thunderbird… Someone had generated a bunch of bugspam while shuffling around bugs into new components, and I was cleaning it up. For the most part, sorting the messages by time and deleting a range took care of things. But, I realized, you can’t actually see who generated the bugmail from looking at the folder summary. So if someone else happened to make a change within the spam-timespan, I couldn’t easily tell. Sigh.

All bugmail comes with a From header set to “” (which is basically useless), but there are also a number of other X-Bugzilla-* headers in each message. X-Bugzilla-Who, specifically, has the data I wanted to see. I just needed to have it exposed in Thunderbird!

I filed bug 557945, and the mail folks pointed out this could easily be done with an extension, and even provided links!

So, yadda yadda, a short time later I had written Thunzilla:

Thunzilla is available on AMO. Enjoy!

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9 Responses to Thunzilla!

  1. Adrian Kalla says:

    nice :)

    But: could you please add SeaMonkey 2 to the install.rdf file?
    Just that is needed:


    After I have done that locally, it seems to work with SeaMonkey 2.0.4 without problems :)

  2. Adrian Kalla says:

    ok… Looks like the code was filtered out…
    The application code can be found here too:

  3. This looks really good, but unfortunately it just won’t work for me. I’ve tried rebuilding the index, and I have received new Bugzilla mails, but none of them have the “functionality” added by Thunzilla. I currently have Swedish localization, is it possible that Thunzilla could break with a foreign locale?

  4. Sid says:

    Magne, have you tried actually adding the column using the column picker?

  5. it was not working for me in italian version, but rebuilding indices in my bugmail folder has fixed the problem.
    Nice stuff.

  6. @Sid Thanks! I’m still a fairly new Thunderbird user, and haven’t seen that function before.

  7. Rail says:

    This extension really rocks! I spend much less time reviewing my Bugmail folder now. Thanks a lot!

  8. After “doctoring” the install.rdf as suggested by Adrian (and the link in his second post), it installs with no problems in SeaMonkey 2 (the current 2.0.5pre nightly to be precise)… but… I already filter my bugmail to their own mail folder (which is, therefore, the only folder where I’d like to see Product – Component – Status – User) and SeaMonkey won’t let me set a different choice of columns on different folders :-( Still I’m keeping it enabled, and I’m trying to make the code appear correctly here (not sure if it’ll work, there is no “Preview” button in this blog):

    <!– SeaMonkey –>

    Oh, and two small nits: (a) “Status” already exists to mean mail status (“Read” etc.); not sure how to lift the ambiguity (“bzStatus” maybe?) (b) Would it be possible to have a “Resolution” column, either in addition, or by replacing “Resolved” in the “Status” column by one of “Worksforme” “Fixed” “Invalid” “Duplicate” etc.?

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