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A little mouse hack

A major theme of the upcoming Firefox 4 release is improving speed and responsiveness, especially in the user interface. It’s easy to see issues where responsiveness is on the order of seconds (like waiting for an update to apply, or … Continue reading

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Blizzard tweeted this video of an operatic flash mob, which stuck a chord with me: [youtube _zmwRitYO3w] Why? I think it echos the best emotions around Firefox, the Mozilla Project, and open source… People doing what they love and feel … Continue reading

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On prompting, part 2

In the previous episode, I talked a bit about why I really, really don’t like the existing prompting code in Mozilla. I’ve been working on improving the situation. The first big chunk of work is up for review in bug … Continue reading

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On the insanity of prompts

Some of the worst code I’ve had the misfortune of touching in the Mozilla codebase is code related to the handling of prompts. Specifically, the prompts involved with following interfaces: nsIPromptService, nsIAuthPrompt, nsIPromptFactory, nsIAuthPromptProvider, nsIPromptService2, nsIAuthPromptAdapterFactory.idl, etc. Just the plethora … Continue reading

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