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Ignoring caught exceptions in the debugger

The debugger in Firefox has long had the option to pause the execution of a script when an exception is thrown. However, the problem with this ‘pause on exceptions’ option is that it always pauses on *all* exceptions.  Most of the time when debugging a script, we are only interested in pausing on exceptions that… Read more

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Meeting with the Dutch Mozilla Community

A few weeks ago, I attended the first official meetup of the Dutch Mozilla community. THE DUTCH MOZILLA COMMUNITY IS SPECIAL The Dutch Mozilla community is somewhat special: we’ve been around for quite some time, but – up until now – have not been as active as some of the other Mozilla communities. In fact,… Read more

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My Take on the Donglegate Debacle

So I just read up on what’s called #donglegate (really? thats a thing now?) on Twitter. Apparently, a developer at PlayHaven got fired for making a sexually tinted joke at Pycon, after Adria Richards, a developer evangelist at SendHaven publicly called him out for it on her Twitter. Here’s the full story. After having a somewhat… Read more

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What I Worked On During the DevTools Work Week

Last week, I was at the DevTools work week. For those of you who don’t know: I’m a member for the Jetpack team, which recently became part of the DevTools team, so this was the first time I met everyone on the team. My primary role is that of platform developer, but good platform bugs… Read more

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Why I’m enthusiastic about the Add-on SDK

Why browser development is hard (and what we can do about it) It should hardly come as a surprise to anyone when I tell you that browser development is hard. Most browser code is written in C++. This is problematic for a number of reasons. First of all, C++ code takes a long time to… Read more

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