Jetpack 0.3 Released

The Mozilla Labs team has announced the release of Jetpack 0.3. Jetpack 0.3 focuses on adding some new abilities, as well as continuing to refine existing APIs. The Project now has more than 60,000 people who have the Jetpack platform extending their browsing experience, with many of these Jetpacks have been written by first-time extension developers.

New features include selections and clipboard. To learn more, visit the Mozilla Labs blog post, excerpted below:


One common design pattern in Jetpacks has been performing an action on or upon a selection. For example, looking up a selected word on Wikipedia. Unfortunately, getting the currently selected text, or figuring out when a selection has occurred used to be far easier said than done. Now it’s super simple. Take a look at the demo and API documentation.


You can now get and set text from the system clipboard. Check out the demo and the API documentation.

Updates to existing features include improvements to the slide bar, persistent storage, and look and feel.

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