Mozilla Labs releases Jetpack 0.4

Today Mozilla Labs announced the release of Jetpack 0.4. The release is closely aligned with Mozilla’s goal of enabling open video and audio on the Web, and includes experimental support for recording audio directly to Ogg-Vorbis. These new audio encoding APIs will allow developers to build Jetpacks that record high-quality audio directly from within the browser, which can then be played back using Firefox 3.5’s new audio tag support.

To learn more about what’s new, see the Mozilla Labs blog post, excerpted below:

Hot on the tail of the Firefox 3.5 release, Jetpack is adding the ability to record audio directly to Ogg-Vorbis format on all major platforms (i.e. Windows, Mac, and Linux). Firefox 3.5 added the ability to play sound with the audio tag, and now you can record it. Live streaming coming soon. Check out the Voice Memo demo which lets you annotate any webpage you are looking at with your voice. You can also check out the Audio Recording API documentation.

Additionally this release enables the ability for developers to add features or functionality to any website being viewed in the browser using the “page mod” API Jetpack discussion group.

To learn more how to get involved in the Jetpack project, visit the Jetpack discussion group.

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