MWC Update – Unleashing the Future

Hello again from Barcelona –

This year when attendees visit our booth at MWC, we’re asking them to “Unleash the Future” with a web based platform that enables an entire mobile ecosystem. The phrase is on our stand’s wall, our materials, and on our promotional banners that hang over the entrance to Hall 3.

But what does Unleashing the Future mean?

For operators and device manufacturers, an unleashed future may mean a path of independence from the business relationships and platform dependencies that have driven their organizations forward to date. For mobile developers it can mean the ability to build apps and experiences more easily, the ability to reach new audiences, or the ability to participate in new types of financial relationships with users.

Day One on the Firefox stand at MWC 2014
Day One on the Firefox stand at MWC 2014

But for the most important audience, the people who will use the devices powered by Firefox OS, Unleashing the Future means all of the above, and more. Mobile means the Web itself and everything it can offer. Being connected to a modern world means having access to the information, skills, and opportunities that can move lives forward. Mobile provides not only the ability to consume, but also to create. To hear and to be heard. To connect, and to be connected.

Unleash the Future speaks to us as Mozillians well. As an organization we’ve moved beyond a browser focus solely, and have expanded the range of products that carry our values to more people around the world. Unleashing the Future changes how we work together, who we work with as partners, and how we enable and empower the people who trust us to be their agent in a virtual world.

Part of the Mozilla team here in Barcelona has created a great short film that captures thoughts and reactions from a few MWC attendees:

I invite you all to watch it, and then to ask yourselves how Unleashing the Future changes what you do in 2014.

More to come from MWC.

Pete Scanlon,
Acting Chief Marketing Officer

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