Tackle Black Friday Shopping with the Help of Firefox Add-Ons

The biggest shopping season of the year is upon us. And if you are starting to feel the stress of making your shopping lists, we offer this quick list of helpers you can put to use in Firefox: Add-ons.

Add-ons that can help you shop online

From ad blockers to password managers to smarter shopper applications, Firefox Add-ons really can add a lot of functionality to your web browser. They are very easy to install.

And since more shopping happens online every year, it’s super handy to have help finding the best deals and making it through Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the entire rest of year with great gifts and more money in your pocket.

Here’s a quick rundown of our favorite Firefox extensions that can help you get your holiday shopping done the right way when you add these shopping add-ons to your Firefox today!

  1. Keepa.com – Amazon Price Tracker

Amazon prices can fluctuate with supply and demand or with sometimes sudden price cuts. Keepa keeps an eye on all that for you, so you don’t  have to check Amazon manually every three seconds to get the best deals.

  • Price history charts
  • Automatic notifications or alerts when a product hits your desired price point
  • Private notifications via email, Facebook, desktop
  • Available in many languages
  1. Amazon Assistant for Firefox

Do you ever wonder if you’re really getting the best price on Amazon? Or maybe it’s a last-minute gift idea, and you wonder if there’s a big box store nearby where you can pick up the gift on your way to the holiday party. Amazon Assistant helps you compare prices across thousands of retail sites

  • Amazon’s official Firefox extension
  1. Honey

Coupon cutting never went out of style, it just went online! Honey is a very popular Firefox add-on that scours the internet for coupons relevant to the products you’re shopping for.

  • Searches coupons for over 100 stores in the US, UK and Canada
  1. Trusted Shops

A Google search can bring up a lot of great prices, only when you go to the seller websites they may look a little…Fishy? Weird? Off-brand? Trusted Shops Add-on fixes that problem at step one and save a lot of wasted searching.

  • Displays “Trusted Shops” badge next to Google search returns
  • Offers peace of mind that you’re dealing with a trustworthy retailer before you shop
  1. Link Cleaner

Here’s a shopping extension with privacy at the heart. Link Cleaner automatically removes tracking parameters and “redirect” pages when you click on an ad. It does the job of keeping that history from following you from store to store to store to store to…

  • Skips redirect pages of Facebook, Steam and Reddit
  • Cleans URLs that are about to be visited
  • Removes tracking parameters
  • Removes utm_* parameters  on item pages of aliexpress and amazon
  1. AliExpress Shopping Assistant

This add-on works like Amazon Assistant only for AliExpress, giving you everything you need to vet a product purchase on China’s massive online shopping site.

  • Helps you find products
  • Historical prices
  • Seller ratings

Now you are ready to add some shopping power to your Firefox browser. And if you haven’t used add-ons much in the past, give them a try. Beyond just shopping, add-ons are one of the great ways to unlock more power in Firefox.

And when it comes to getting all that shopping done, more power to you means more time to enjoy and less to stress! Firefox is fast for good, after all.

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