“Ewoks or Porgs?” and Other Important Questions

You ever go to a party where you decide to ask people REAL questions about themselves, rather than just boring chit chat? Us, too! That’s why we’ve included questions that really hone in on the important stuff in our 2nd Annual Firefox Census.

Because let’s be honest, we can learn more about each other when we talk about weird ideas than when we merely punch out our demographic chads.

Here at the Department of Whimsy, not punching Chad is part of our bigger mission to bring out the human side of technology and the Internet. We don’t believe in snooping, but we would like to know about you in a totally anonymous and collective kind of way. The real stuff, the vital info . . . like whether or not you’re into podcasts, your philosophical stance on hair colors, and your visceral reactions (if any) to the year 1992.

Without further ado, take our second-annual survey and give us your perspective! Just make it quick if you can, because we have a heated interoffice debate about hotdogs-as-sandwiches we really need to settle before lunch/fisticuffs.

And remember: whether or not you favor porgs over ewoks, thanks for being part of this wonderful, unique creature we like to call Firefox.

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