Fastest Firefox Update: Videos Due on 6/28

Our Fastest Firefox project is in full swing, and we’ve already received some very speedy videos from members of the global Mozilla community (not to mention the world’s fastest clapper and the world’s fastest sport stacker).

But, in our quest to show how fast the new Firefox 3.5 will be, we want even more videos. So, if you or your friends have a talent for doing something quickly – anything from riding a bike to eating a pizza to writing code – send us a short clip. We have a snazzy new Firefox 3.5 t-shirt waiting for you if your video makes it into the final Fastest Firefox compilation.

The only catch is that the videos are due June 28, so don’t delay! And if you need some inspiration, check out this Fastest Firefox submission from community member Daniel CJ Cruz Chan…his talent for one-handed Rubik’s Cube mastery is most impressive.

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