6 Firefox browser extensions that make remote streaming even better

People are relying on the internet to stay informed, productive and connected to friends and family. A well-timed entertainment break also helps relieve stress and bring some joy. Here are six Firefox browser extensions to make online entertainment even better in your browser.

Synchronized streaming with friends

Invite friends to watch a show with you using Metastream Remote. This extension creates a group watching experience for friends scattered anywhere on the internet. Simply share a video link and watch together while chatting and hanging out, virtually. It even works with Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and other streaming services if everyone in your watch group has accounts on those platforms.

Dim the screen for better viewing

Turn Off the Lights is made for people who appreciate a more cinematic view of web videos. This extension automatically fades the screen around a video so that it’s well lit at center stage.

YouTube your way

There are a few nice Firefox extensions for customizing your YouTube experience. Enhancer for YouTube is a feature-rich extension that lets you customize a preferred video volume, player size, playback speed, ad displays options and more. You can even give YouTube a new look by choosing from a batch of visual themes, including dark modes. YouTube High Definition offers similar functions and also automatically plays all YouTube videos in the highest resolution possible.

Tune in to global radio

Homesick for your hometown radio station or just interested in tuning in to a new perspective? Worldwide Radio gives you direct access to more than 50,000 international radio stations right from the Firefox browser toolbar button. Tune in and get connected to the world’s rhythms.

Audio tune up

Music fans might also be interested in Audio Equalizer. It gives you granular control over online audio. Adjust balance levels, EQ, and a host of other niche audio elements. You can even select audio settings pre-optimized for specific genres like pop, dance, soft rock and more. You can also define your own format and save it for later.

The internet is a vital part of staying connected while practicing physical distancing, and we hope these Firefox extensions can help make life at your home a little better.

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