Firefox Quantum: Fast for Business, Better for IT

Fast, lightweight, secure and easily configurable, Firefox Quantum for Enterprise should be your go-to for business browsing.

Browsers are key to how everyone in your company works, but how often do you think about them? A memory-hungry browser can slow your systems to a crawl, killing productivity across your org. Replacing it with a fast, lightweight browser is an easy win for IT.

Last fall, Mozilla launched Firefox Quantum, an all-new browser based on an advanced rendering engine that bests every other browser and uses less memory. Independent tests proved its blazing-fast performance and miserly memory usage, and Wired wrote that “Firefox Quantum is the browser built for 2017”.

Now Firefox Quantum is available for enterprise. It can easily be configured for deployment through Windows Group Policy or a basic JSON file.

Still, why would you replace the stock browser on any of your company’s machines? So you can be an IT hero, of course.

Fast Browser = Fast Business

Salesforce, Eloqua, G Suite, Github, Codepen—the list is endless. Modern business runs on the web, and the browser is key to it all. The browser is the most-used application on any machine. It should be fast, reliable, and secure. Firefox Quantum runs modern web apps smoothly while using less memory than other browsers. That means people can get more done in less time, which means one thing: Productivity.

What makes Quantum fast?

We spent the last decade or so completely rewriting the Firefox rendering engine, the machinery that turns web code into something humans can use. It’s based on Rust, a new programming language that we built with the open-source community. This lets Firefox use multiple cores in a computer’s CPU to crunch numbers in parallel. Which makes Firefox Quantum super fast.

Firefox Quantum uses a “just right” multi-process architecture that balances speed with memory usage. That means it loads pages faster than Chrome and Edge, while using less memory. Your users can open all the tabs they want while running other apps without crashing their systems. And that means fewer tickets filed, and fewer late nights and headaches for you.

Firefox is Secure

We’re serious about security. Firefox Quantum sandboxes web page content to help prevent it from escaping and infecting users’ systems. Firefox Quantum also doesn’t track user activity for any targeted advertising, unlike some other browsers. We’ve also added Tracking Protection to Firefox, which stops tracking scripts from many third-party advertisers.

All of it makes Firefox super secure, which means fewer malware interruptions and emergencies.

Configure with Windows Group Policy or JSON

With Firefox Quantum for Enterprise, you have complete control over settings and permissions. If you’re running Windows, you can start fast with ADMX templates and set prefs through Group Policy and deploy Firefox to an Active Directory. You know how it works:

Build an enterprise Firefox configuration with Windows Group Policy

If you’re working with Mac and Linux, you can do the same thing with a simple JSON file in the Firefox install directory.

Rapid or Extended Support Release

Firefox Quantum for Enterprise comes in two flavors: Rapid Release (RR) or the Extended Support Release (ESR). Rapid Release automatically gets performance upgrades and new features about every six weeks. Most web developers test their sites against Rapid Release, so it should work well with SaaS apps.

Extended Support Release (ESR) gets about one major per year. If you need to test against custom apps, or need strict control of updates, ESR is for you.

Both RR and ESR get critical security patches ASAP.

You can learn more about the differences at the Firefox Enterprise page.

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