Get All the Color, New Firefox Extension Announced

Remember when you were a kid and wanted to paint your room your favorite color? Or the first time you dyed your hair a different color and couldn’t wait to show all your friends (or at least, wanted to)? We feel that, too, and that’s why we put the new Color Extension in the mix of add-ons available for Firefox browser.

To make it fun for you and shareable with your friends!

Extensions are software code that add extra functionality to Firefox, giving you all kinds of tools for security, privacy, and sometimes, just plain fun.

Color is for fun. It allows you to change design and color elements of the Firefox browser to your own taste, as well as the option to create, save, and share your own creations—things like background textures, icons, toolbars and highlights.

And the changes you make update automatically to the browser, so you can test and switch a few swaths until you find the combos you like best. Color also comes with select themes pre-installed and ready to try out.

Try Color by Firefox today! It’s a fun way to see and share the internet as something you control.

This post is also available in: Deutsch (German)

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