Firefox Quantum Extensions Challenge Winners Announced!

We know many Firefox users love web extensions, and we do, too. Today we’re announcing the winners of our Firefox Quantum Extensions Challenge.

Web Extensions are the code innovations that make our Firefox browser truly unique. Firefox is built on open-source language that developers around the world can access, use and improve. When we come together and use coding for good, look at the fun things we can do!

With Firefox Quantum the extensions framework was modernized to make sure extensions are safer, more stable, and compatible with future releases of Firefox for years to come. But we could only pick three for our top awards, and (drumroll) here they are…

The Three Winners Of This Year’s Contest

In the Category of Dynamic Themes: Envify by by Yoann Lecuyer

Beauty! With Envify you can watch the Firefox theme change every time you switch to another environment and the Firefox theme switches back to normal when you’re browsing other sites.

In the Tab Organizers/Tab Managers Combo Category: Session Sync by Gabriel Ivanica

Save sessions and access them across multiple machines. And starting with Firefox 60, you can also change the default shortcut in the configuration panel. As one of our panelists remarked, “It’s like setting your car to remember your seat position.” Drivers wanted.

And in the Games & Entertainment Category: Worldwide Radio by Oleksandr

Worldwide Radio gives you more than 20,000 radio stations from around the world! USA, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Belgium, Spain, Australia, Brazil, France, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Holland, and probably most any other country you can think of. Amazing.

Honorable Mentions

Open is the Ethic

The Firefox Quantum Web Extensions Contest shows the kind of open participation that makes Firefox unique. A web browser is part of our daily lives in so many different ways, it must be made to reflect our values and personalities from around the world.

Thanks again to all the submissions made by all the developers, supporters, and innovators around the world who help make Firefox what it is. We are amazed at all things you Firefoxers come up with.

Now go try these new web extensions (and some other Firefox Quantum Extensions Challenge honorees) in Firefox today, and let us know what you think!


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