Firefox supports conscious clicking in your browser and beyond

If you’re anything like me, you believe the everyday choices we make matter – from the most mundane to the most significant. The choice to use Firefox browser matters for Internet Health, and the health of the Internet matters for us all.

Mozilla’s values of openness, community and user choice are built into Firefox, making it more than just a browser. Sure you get great performance, but you also get advanced protection of your online privacy and an opportunity to keep corporate power in check when you use Firefox.

You also get the satisfaction of knowing that support for Mozilla pays dividend for the whole Web. We put our passion into what you experience in the browser; we also put in a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure the Web is healthy and accessible for everyone. The result is a product that makes your online life better, and a Web that allows everyone an equal opportunity to fulfill their potential.

Here’s how Internet Health is built into Firefox and the work we do for open standards.

Firefox really, truly looks out for you

Mozilla defines a healthy Internet, in part, as one that gives you meaningful control over the data collected about you.

We bake this intention into every aspect of Firefox, from the clear and simple way we write our privacy policy to being transparent about what data we collect and how we store it.

You can go deep into our service agreements, but please know this: We do not store any sensitive information without your permission. Period and end of story.

We champion your right to privacy with tools like Private Browsing with Tracking Protection, which go beyond what Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge offer. Browsing with Firefox means you automatically opt into strict privacy standards. You also have multiple options for expanding those protections wherever and however you browse.

Firefox is the browser for you if you’re concerned about what Big Data is doing with your personal information. Mozilla doesn’t sell access to your data, unlike other companies. We put you in control of your search and browsing history.

Firefox really, truly looks out for the Web

We take pride in making Firefox a browser with a conscience. We also go a step beyond to ensure that others can do the same through our work on open standards. A healthy Internet must be open – for innovation, for competition, for all voices and experiences.

Openness is the principle the Web was built on. It’s why the Web works, and it’s critical to the future. Firefox is the poster child for what’s possible when you embrace open standards. We champion the practice and the people behind it.

The continued widespread adoption of open standards allows the Web to work towards becoming one seamless ecosystem. It means different products or services can work together. It’s why you don’t need a different computer or browser for every website you visit and video you watch.

Mozilla engineers play a leading role in open standards groups like the W3C with the challenge to kill bad stuff and push good things. We do this because Mozilla believes:

  • anyone should be able to build a browser/website
  • we don’t want websites that can only be rendered in one browser
  • the Web can create itself, if private, selfish interests don’t get in the way.

When your browser is Firefox, you keep power in the hands of many

What’s the simplest way to fight the domination of the Frightful Five? Spread the love.

Browsing on Firefox means one less person making huge profits for big corporations. It’s one more person supporting and declaring independence – for you, and for Internet Health.

Firefox is the browser that champions privacy and a Web that works for everyone. Download Firefox now.

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