Firefox: It’s Better Now

“One of the most notably improved products I have seen in recent memory.”

—Computerworld, “Why I Switched Back To Firefox” 5/2016

Better now, yes, h*ck yes. We put our nose back in the code for the past dozen months plus, making immediate and tangible improvements to our Firefox browser. Project Uptime has cut crashes and thanks to multi-process browsing, Firefox hangs less while pages are loading. We’re reclaiming the rebel glory of our software roots. And brushing out a few tangles.

And by “we” I mean hundreds of the best staff, and thousands of Firefox volunteers, have been crushing it to make two big aggregate improvements. Naturally, we did a video twin-set promo to get the word out.

So, no, we weren’t ignoring you. We heard you—you wild pack of pups!—calling out from the edge of the free-range, grass-fed, no-boundaries internet. You wanna create? Make your own choices? Control what you take in and what you give up? Yeah, don’t we all.

Give Firefox a new look. And imagine what we’ll get done this year with even more digital citizens joining our anti-corporate pack.

Keep browsing for good, you Internet animals of earth.

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