Five ways joining Firefox can keep you safer and smarter online

The word “privacy” gets thrown around a lot these days, but every tech company defines privacy differently. Respecting your privacy has been at our core from day one, with the Firefox Personal Data Promise baked into everything we make. Everyone who uses our products — from the browser and beyond — gets powerful privacy protection, and when you join Firefox, you get even more features.

Here’s what you get when you join Firefox:

Products that respect

Watch for account breaches with Firefox Monitor

Seems like every day there’s news of another data breach. That’s why we partnered with one of the most respected online security experts to help you know when your personal info is exposed. Firefox Monitor lets you check your email address for known past breaches, and even sign up for ongoing alerts. When you join Firefox, you’ll be able to monitor multiple email addresses, and keep track with a dashboard for all your accounts, monitoring and alerts.

Take your passwords anywhere with Lockwise

When it comes to protecting yourself online, passwords are your first line of defense. But, strong passwords are complicated and can be a hassle to retype over and over. That’s where Firefox Lockwise can help. Lockwise remembers your passwords, keeps them safe behind a wall of code, and lets you take them everywhere on your phone, tablet and desktop. On Android or iOS.

Trade fake news for quality content with Pocket

The internet is filled with rabbit holes you never meant to fall into (hello, insomnia). Pocket is just what the doctor ordered. It helps you make the most of your reading time by surfacing the content you care about, from legit sources, consumable in all the ways you like to “read.” Listen to an article on your commute, take your reading offline, catch up on great videos, tuck into a story at bedtime. And carve out a quiet space on the internet that’s all yours.

Own your life on every device with sync

You probably expect just about all your devices and apps to let you pick up where you left off, from one device to the next. But actually, not all browsers do this. When you download Firefox and sign in, you can sync your browsing history, bookmarks and preferences without giving your privacy away, thanks to our super-private end-to-end encryption. Sign in and sync Firefox across your Android and iOS devices (phone, tablet, laptop, you name it).

Knowledge that protects

Knowledge is power. Learn everything you need to know (but don’t yet) about staying safer and smarter online. Get the scoop on products that put your privacy first, and learn how to navigate the evolving landscape of the web. You might not be an expert and that’s okay—we’ve got plenty of them, and they’re happy to share what they know.

Community that transforms

Firefox was built by a community of people just like you. Volunteers all over the world contribute to the code of our browser. Community is what keeps Firefox awesome, and it’s also what will keep the internet open, free and accessible to all. Join us, and you’ll get a chance to test-drive new features and products to make Firefox better for everyone. And, you can help us keep Big Tech in check by adding your voice to the fight for a healthier internet.

Join Firefox

Firefox doesn’t just talk about privacy. We’ve been on the front lines of protecting your privacy long before it was an ad campaign for other companies. When you join Firefox, you’ll get the respect that you deserve from a technology company that fights for you. Now is your time to take a stand against an industry that’s making you the product. Join Firefox.

There is a way to protect your privacy.

Take your stand against an industry that’s making you the product. Join Firefox for the respect you deserve from a tech company that fights for you.

Join Firefox

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