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Firefox puts people first. In fact, we’re backed by a not-for-profit and our profits go back into making the internet UNFCKING BELIEVABLE FOR YOU.

Luckily, we aren’t the only ones who believe that the internet works best when your privacy and security are protected. There are a number of us out there pushing for an internet that is powered by more than a handful of large tech companies, because we believe the more choice you have the better things are for you — and for the web. We vetted these companies for how they treat your data and for their potential to shake things up. In short: they’re solid.

Together, we have power. We all win when everyone supports indie tech. Here are just a few of the smaller, independent players whose services we think you should be using. If you help them, you help yourself. So go ahead and join the anti-establishment.

Ads that follow you around the internet are as annoying as fck. With Jumbo, you can get trackers off your back and out of your life — while getting one app to control the privacy of all your others. It’s Jumbo-sized control.

Signal provides end-to-end encryption for messaging and voice-calling. It does not and will not sell your information to third-parties for revenue. Use it and you can, signal, ahem, that you’re committed to building a healthy web.

Medium is an amazing place to discover fresh voices and, more importantly, tell your own story. But it’s the wrong level of hotness for salsa, obviously. Medium doesn’t track your online activity outside of the platform. With Medium you can follow amazing thinkers and writers, and not be followed by creepy advertisers.

Your emails are for you, not for prying eyes. With ProtonMail, end-to-end encryption means only the sender (aka YOU) and the receiver have access to emails. Basically, your message is encrypted with the recipient’s public key into scrambled, random characters which can only be translated into readable text with the recipient’s private key. Not even ProtonMail itself has access to this key. ProtonMail works on your phone and computer. It’s good stuff.

Did you think we were going to make a list and not include a Mozilla product? Come on. Pocket lets you save content and read it later — whenever later is. Creating collections for references and passions is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. It’s the place to turn to for inspiration and organization. It’s like a collage that you curate, except it doesn’t have cut outs of Super Junior (unless you want it to).

BONUS! BONUS! BONUS! There’s the good stuff above, and the creepy stuff we can barely bring ourselves to mention. But mention it we must. When you’re wondering just how creepy is that smart speaker, that fitness tracker, those wireless headphones, turn to Mozilla’s Privacy Not Included guide. It will help you shop for safe, secure connected products. Shop in peace, friends.

For more ways you can unfck the system, please visit here.

Check out more ways you can unfck the system

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