Firefox March Addonness: Tree Style Tab (1) Vs Don’t Touch My Tabs (4)

It’s a head-to-head match up of tab customization for Firefox March Addonness…

Tree Style Tab

Tree Style Tabs opens new tabs as organized “children” of the current tab. Such “branches” are easily collapsed by clicking in the “parent” tab, so you don’t need to be confused with too many visible tabs running around like orphans!

Fun Fact:  In 1982, the movie version of little orphan “Annie” was the most expensive musical ever made, costing about $40 million to produce.


Don’t Touch My Tabs!

Prevent hyperlink tabs from hijacking the previous tab by adding the rel=noopener attribute to different-domain hyperlinks. This keeps newly opened tabs from controlling their original tabs and cuts down on intrusions by advertisers, hackers with fake login pages, and other tab hijinks.

Fun Fact: There are over 1.8 billion websites on the world wide web right now, but only about 10%—less than 200 million—are active and could be opened in a tab.

Game Hype: This is a showdown between two very similar teams, which means it could be close, depending on whether either one can establish an early lead. If Tree Style Tabs can maintain its orderly approach for a full 40 minutes, they could hold the lead from tip to final buzzer. And if Don’t Touch My Tabs! can look past the small distractions that have at times this season rocked their first-half rhythm, they, too, could lead from beginning to end. Expect a low-scoring battle, with both teams looking to force costly turnovers and control possession deep into the shot clock.

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