Firefox March Addonness: Tab Centre Redux (2) vs Tabby Cat (3)

Do you like your tabs on the side, or with a side of cats? Tell us in today’s Firefox March Addonness…

Tab Center Redux

Move your tabs to the side of your browser window, rather than across the top like all those conformists.

Fun Fact: The idea that “proper ladies” should ride side-saddle traces to 1382 when Princess Anne of Bohemia was made to ride a horse that way across Europe to wed King Richard II of England.


Tabby Cat

Giving you a new friend with every new tab, Tabby Cat creates kitties that blink, sleep, and even let you pet them. If you’re really lucky, a Tabby Cat might leave goodies for you just like a real cat!

Fun Fact: Cats bring dead prey to their families in order to pass on hunting knowledge and share their bounty. This is especially true of female cats, who normally teach the young kittens how to hunt and eat.

Game Hype: This is a battle of traditions, with the age-old custom of having tabs across the top of the browser going against an even deeper tradition of internet cats. Cuteness counts for nothing here, though, and the Tabby Cat team knows it. Look for them to get a hand on as many shots as they can on defense. But if the Cat can’t maintain focus on offense, Tab Center Redux is poised to gallop right into the next round.

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