Mozilla celebrates groundbreaking creators in new docuseries ‘Firefox Presents’

Different is dope. Firefox has always stood by this. It’s also the mantra of Abby Wren, the woman featured in the pilot episode of our new docuseries, “Firefox Presents.”

Launching Friday, April 15, “Firefox Presents” is a documentary series featuring colorful and inspiring creators who each have a unique journey of finding themselves or their community online. We speak with them about how they are using the internet to overcome obstacles, challenge the status quo and express themselves in a way that encourages and inspires other people to feel welcome and safer online. 

Abby Wren, an alopecia advocate and makeup artist who represents the alopecia and bald communities online through her Tiktok channel. Finding an online community after her diagnosis helped her feel less alone, and she’s now doing the same for others in return.

“There are all these other people who had alopecia that I didn’t know existed before the internet brought us together,” Abby said in our behind-the-scenes interview with her.

Each episode will be released monthly on Firefox’s YouTube channel. Upcoming episodes will feature activist, writer and actor Brandon Kyle Goodman, featured on Netflix’s “Human Resources,” and engineer, entrepreneur and YouTuber Xyla Foxlin

The “Firefox Presents” series is produced by Mozilla in collaboration with Long Haul Films, and is executive produced by Steve Flavin (Mozilla) and directed by Melissa Dowler (Long Haul Films).

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