Open source isn’t just for software: Opensourcery recipe

Firefox is one of the world’s most successful open source software projects. This means we make the code that runs Firefox available for anyone to modify and use so long as it adheres to our licence policy. Developers and anyone else who understands code can play with Firefox code, for free.

This approach to creation is not something that started with the internet. So long as humans have been making things there have been gearheads, chefs, quilters, crafters, brewers and all other kinds of people rebuilding, remixing, crafting and tinkering.

This spring we partnered Portland, Oregon’s premier brewery, Widmer Brothers to make a beer. Widmer Brothers innovation team designed a 16-question online survey that allowed Twitter users to provide feedback on style and ingredients. Brewers took that information and developed a recipe for called Opensourcery, a 7 percent ABV, 70 IBU tropical IPA.

As with any open source project, the first task is building it. The second is sharing it. With the start of summer in the northern hemisphere we’d like to share the recipe for Opensourcery with you.

But before we do, we have to remind everyone out there that if you decide to brew the beer you must follow the rules and regulations for alcohol consumption in your region. And if you don’t know the drinking age where you live, then odds are you’re too young. If you are of age, the recipe is below:

Mozilla - WBB "Open Source" 5.5 Gal Recipe

OG: 15.5°P (1.063)
AE: 3.5°P (1.014)
BU: 40-45
YEAST: 1272
ABV: 6.50%

Malt: lbs % of malt
2 Row 6.00 53%
Pilsner Malt 4.50 40%
Flaked Oats 0.75 7%
11.25 *Assumes BH Efficiency of 85%
No Hops at Boil:
2nd Hops (15 before end of Boil): Comet 0.8 oz
Idaho 7 0.5 oz
3rd Hops @WHP (Whole Leaf) Comet 1.7 oz
Idaho 1.7 oz
Chinook 1.7 oz
Dry Hop at TG and Post VDK check Idaho 7 0.8 oz
Crash after 24 hours hop contact Comet 0.5 oz
Rack off after min 4 days cold Azacca 1.3 oz
Citra 1.7 oz
Lemondrop 1.7 oz

Mash Temp & Rest: 138 (30 minutes)
Conversion Rest: 148 (15 minutes)
Mash Out: 170
CaCl @ Mash: 7.7g
CaSO4 @ Kettle: 3.6g

Ferment at 68°F
Free Rise when beer is at 6°P

Whirlfloc: 0.9g
Yeastex: 0.2g

You can also find the repo for Opensourcery on Github.

If you brew a batch of Opensourcery, Widmer would love to get your feedback on future iterations of the brew.

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