Popular Firefox extensions now available in 7 new locales

Firefox is available in over 90 languages, giving millions of people around the world access to the web in words they understand. Our community of translators and localizers do this because they believe that the web belongs to everyone, not just those who speak a popular tongue.

Firefox logoExtensions are an important part of the Firefox experience and while there are thousands of them available to help you customize your Firefox experience, many of them are only available in English. For our localization volunteers from around the world, who work tirelessly to create an amazing web experience for as many people as they can, this would not do. A combination of teams at Mozilla came together to get nine popular Firefox extensions localized into seven languages.

More than 100 multilingual Mozillians answered the call to make this happen and submitted more than 100,000 translated words for these extensions using CrowdIn, a localization platform most recently used for Mozilla’s Common Voice project. These translations were approved by a core team of experienced localizers, who then provided approved translations to developers involved in the campaign to include in their next version update.

Now Firefox users around the world can enjoy the following extensions in Chinese (simplified), Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Spanish:

While this was limited to a small group of extensions, we hope to expand this to all interested extension developers in the near future.

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This post is also available in: Deutsch (German)

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