Private shopping is smart holiday shopping

Maybe Santa’s running a little late this year. There are gifts left to buy. You’re shopping online. You’re hoping you make it under the wire for shipping.


Basically, you’re trying to make this quick.

And you really don’t want to leave a bunch of ads in your wake, so that everyone else on the family computer already knows what’s under the tree.

Solution: Use Firefox for your holiday shopping.
More specifically: Use Firefox’s private browsing mode for your holiday shopping.

Private Browsing not only keeps your clandestine purchases out of your browsing history – it also has tracking protection to block those pesky third parties who chase you with ads about the things you just browsed. (That’s one way it’s better than Chrome’s Incognito Mode – one study shows that Private Browsing is also faster than Incognito Mode.)

So maybe now you’re asking, Hey, how do I start using Firefox Private Browsing for my holiday shopping?

Two easy options:

Click on the burger menu button in the top right of your browser window, and you’ll see a little mask icon next to “New Private Window”. Click on that.

screen shot of opening a new private browsing window

Or get fancy and use a keyboard shortcut: ⇧⌘P for Mac and CTRL + SHIFT + P for PC.

You are officially the sneakiest elf in workshop, so stealth in your shopping ways that everyone will have to resort to the old way of guessing what you got them: by shaking the presents under the tree.

Happy holidays, happy shopping, and happy private browsing those hangover cures on New Year’s Day. I mean, we’re not saying that’s going to happen, but if it does, no one ever needs to know.

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