TMI: Be In Our Short Film about Internet Privacy with HitRecord

HitRecord, an open source production community run by none other than actor and director Joseph Gordon-Levitt, produces engaging, collaborative projects out in the open with the help of creators from all over the world.

Sound familiar? These folks, like the thousands of Mozilla volunteers who contribute code and help translate Firefox for users worldwide, give their time, skills and resources to make things that are bigger—way bigger—than what one person could achieve by him or herself.

That’s why we’re partnering with HitRecord—and you!—to make something awesome together. How are you a part of this? Read (and watch) on:


Like Joe said, very little on the internet is actually free, even if you don’t get directly charged for it. The price we pay, or the trade-off for having access to all sorts of stuff on the internet, is often our information. In fact, a lot of internet companies will collect your personal data for their own use without you ever knowing—or make it available for sale.

Now, if you’re familiar with Mozilla, then you might know that we’re a non-profit whose MO is to stand up against these kinds of potentially shady shenanigans. We’ve been fighting to keep the web a resource that’s open and accessible to all since launching our open source browser (the first ever!) in the late 90s. And as more and more corporations look to influence the billions of people online today—sometimes without acknowledging the long-term impact of their actions—we are here to make sure you and the Internet you love are protected.

It’s not work for the faint of heart cause, as you know, the web it keeps a-changin’. In a relatively short period of time (Think: a literal speck in the span of human civilization), the internet has become faster, more accessible, and a whole lot more people are using it. These improvements have wide-reaching effects on everything from the type of jobs that we do to which policies become law, and they influence our everyday attitudes and interactions in ways we now take for granted. When was the last time you took a pulse on how you feel about being (constantly) connected?

Which brings us to our sponsored project with HitRecord. We’re calling it Too Much Information (or as they say around these here parts: TMI) and it’s all about your thoughts on internet privacy.

To participate, go to and sign up to join their community. Then, answering one or a few of the questions below, make a video of yourself and share it back to HitRecord. At the end of this two-week project, HitRecord will pull together the most compelling video submissions to make a short film that we’ll showcase online and at the Rooftop Film Festival at the end of this month!

Here are 5 questions to get you started. Feel free to answer one, a few or all.


  1. Do you care about online privacy? If you do care, what do you do to protect yourself and your privacy online?
  2. What information about yourself do you share online vs. what do you prefer to keep private? Why?
  3. Tell us your horror stories: Have you ever been hacked or fallen for an internet scam? Have you ever had your identity stolen? Tell us about it, and be specific!
  4. Who are you more worried about taking your information: Individual bad people, governments, or big companies? Why?
  5. You may have noticed that your digital devices and web browser seem to know you a little too well. How does this make you feel? Is it convenient? Does it creep you out?

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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