Visit the Glass Room London virtually, in WebVR

This past week, Mozilla and Tactical Tech launched The Glass Room in London. This “store” is actually an exhibition that disrupts how we think about technology and encourages people to make informed choices about their online lives. Now, anyone can experience the exhibit online and in real life.

Like a Black Mirror episode come to life, The Glass Room prompts reflection, experimentation and play. At first glance, it offers the latest in shiny digital consumer products, such as the newest tablet, fitness tracker or facial recognition software. But as visitors go inside, they find there is nothing for sale.

A closer look at the ‘products’ reveals works of art that peek behind the screens and into the hidden world of what happens to user data. The ‘Ingenius’ team is on hand to answer questions raised by the exhibit, engaging the public in conversation and helping them with alternatives, privacy tips and tricks.

This 360° view will take you deep inside the space and allow you to experience the exhibit everyone in London is talking about.

Experience The Glass Room London in WebVR

As a pioneer in WebVR technology, Mozilla believes this is an excellent opportunity to make this unique experience available on the web to everyone, everywhere, without the need to install an app or proprietary VR software. You simply click on the link and enjoy.

If you have an Oculus Rift or HTC VIVE, you can click on the VR icon to launch the Glass Room experience in WebVR. You can then immerse yourself in everything The Glass Room has to offer without taking a trip to London. All you need is the latest version of Firefox. WebVR for Firefox is enabled by default on Windows, so simply open the web site and you can explore the virtual Glass Room with your headset and hand controls. Mac users with headsets can download Firefox Nightly for early access to WebVR.

As this revolutionary technology develops, there will be more opportunities to create interactive exhibits, like The Glass Room, in VR that tell immersive stories on the web.

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