Working for Good: Accel Lifestyle

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Accel Lifestyle

You may have heard the term “fast fashion” and wondered what it means? Historically, it takes months for clothing to go from design to reality. The process of manufacturing, production, shipping and distribution takes time and craftsmanship. Fast fashion is an accelerated process to get more clothes in consumers’ hands, as soon as possible. In order to meet such high demands, something must be sacrificed. Unfortunately, that sacrifice is often related to the human lives involved in the production process.

Numerous fast fashion retailers take advantage of cheap labor by manufacturing their garments in sweatshops, environments with little to no regard for the treatment and payment of their laborers. Which is where the sustainable fashion movement comes in. Buying with purpose can be seamless when turning to sustainable practices, which is part of Accel Lifestyle’s core mission.

Founder & CEO, Megan Eddings has been working on Accel Lifestyle for nearly 2 years. It all started when she was washing her husband’s workout clothes after CrossFit. No matter how many times the shirts were washed on hot cycles with extra-scented pods, the funky smell would not wash out. Megan put her chemistry background to work and developed the fabric (patent-pending in 120 countries) that will leave clothing smelling fresher longer, no matter how much you sweat.

Troubled by the production processes of other fitness brands, Eddings knew she also had to create a movement for positive change. “I have dedicated myself to ensure that from the fiber to the finished garment, everything is made ethically and sweatshop free. Accel Lifestyle is 100% sourced and made in the United States,” says Eddings.

Eddings has personally visited every mill and cut/sew factory that Accel Lifestyle uses and believes in full transparency. When you wear Accel Lifestyle, you know everyone who made that garment was paid and treated fairly.

It is an easy decision to shop ethically, which is why Accel uses Firefox. “We believe in ethical browsing,” adds Eddings. “We don’t think that people should have to sacrifice their privacy and data just to have a great experience on the web.”

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