Introducing Pocket — better than bookmarks, new from Mozilla

In our everyday quests through the wild untamed country of the web, we need ways to keep track of the best content we find—something a little more powerful and flexible than simple bookmarking or keeping dozens of tabs open. The folks at Pocket have been hard at work on a better way to save cool web stuff for later and we were so impressed we brought them into the Mozilla family.

Pocket Acquisition Mozilla

Meet Pocket for Firefox. Pocket saves web pages for you to watch, read, or listen to later, distraction-free. It’s like bookmarks, but better. And it’s built right into Firefox already. Like, it’s there, right now. Don’t see it? Make sure to download the latest version of Firefox

But how do I know if Pocket is right for me? If you are someone who:

  • Has dozens of tabs open (with no intention of ever closing them)
  • Uses bookmarks and knows bookmarks can be better
  • Emails links to themselves to keep track of cool web stuff

…then Pocket for Firefox will make you a happier web explorer. It’s absurdly easy. Click that little button in your Toolbar any time you find a web page you like: a tasty recipe for 17-layer dip, a lengthy interview with the inventor of the bubble bath, or instructions on how to build a spaceship out of twine and paper clips.

Open what you’ve saved later in your Pocket list, a distraction-free zone filled with the stories you want to come back to, minus the auto-play videos and flashing banners. Read articles on your mobile devices when you have a long commute or spotty wifi. Save a YouTube clip on your laptop now and watch it later on your iPhone, Android or Kindle Fire. Even email cool stuff you find to your saved list.

As a Pocket user, you’ll also get personalized recommendations based on the stuff you save or discover on your own by searching Pocket Explore. It’s like if the great content you bookmarked started breeding.

Your Pocket = your space. We can’t wait for you to try it out. Get Pocket today!

You can even follow Mozilla on Pocket (@MozillaHQ). We’ll bring you stories and commentary on all things Internet Health.

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