Joey Amato, Publisher of Pride Journeys, Shares What Brings Him Joy Online

Here at Mozilla, we are the first to admit the internet isn’t perfect, but we are also quick to point out that the internet is pretty darn magical. The internet opens up doors and opportunities, allows for people to connect with others, and lets everyone find where they belong — their corners of the internet. We all have an internet story worth sharing. In My Corner of the Internet, we talk with people about the online spaces they can’t get enough of, what we should save in Pocket to read later and what sites and forums shaped them.

With Pride celebrations taking place throughout June, we’re featuring LGBTQ+ leaders this month as part of our My Corner of the Internet series. In this next installment, Joey Amato, publisher of Pride Journeys, shares his love of travel, Peloton and his nostalgia of MySpace.

What is your favorite corner of the internet?

I enjoy reading to keep up with music industry news as well as for business and finance news. I’m a stock market junkie so I love reading about financial news, especially in today’s crazy market.

What is an internet deep dive that you can’t wait to jump back into? 

I like keeping up with music trends and reading up new artists and concert tours. I used to be in the music industry when I lived in New York and Nashville, so to stay connected, I check out Rolling Stone, Music Row and Pollstar almost on a daily basis.

What is the one tab on your browser you always regret closing? 

Amazon – I spend way too much money there! Say what you want about Amazon and Jeff Bezos, but he changed the world. Our lives are completely different because of this company and the convenience they provide.

Who is an LGBTQ+ person with a very online presence that is a role model for you? 

I really enjoy Matty Maggiacomo who is a trainer on Peloton. He’s easy on the eyes and also pushes me in every workout. I recently began subscribing to Peloton earlier this year. I don’t own a Peloton bike, but I love their other workouts.

What can you not stop talking about on the internet right now?

The new ABBA show in London. I can’t wait to attend in person. The reviews thus far have been quite incredible.

What was the first online community you engaged with?

Probably MySpace….yes, I’m old! It was the first time I began connecting with people who I haven’t seen in a while or had an interest in. I liked being able to customize my own space. 

What articles and videos are in your Pocket waiting to be read/watched right now?

Since I have been traveling a lot recently, I am behind in my financial research and launching my new site for the LGBTQ community… details coming soon! I also need to catch up on my travel writing.

If you could create your own corner of the internet what would it look like? 

It would definitely be an LGBTQ related corner. I have been in the space for most of my professional career, so I feel like this is an area I can really contribute to.

Joey Amato is the publisher of Pride Journeys, a website dedicated to LGBTQ travel. He also publishes an annual LGBTQ travel directory which features destinations from around the world looking to reach LGBTQ travelers. Most recently, Pride Journeys published the Ultimate Pride Guide, a calendar of pride festivals for those looking to travel with pride.

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