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Technical Session #2: Extension Developer Roundtable

Monday, November 26th, 2007

It’s time for the second in our series of technical sessions for Extension Developers. Our first session – Mike Beltzner discussing best practices and design patterns for extensions – was awesome. If you missed it, the video can be found here. Definitely check it out, great content and questions.

Our next session will take place next Wednesday, 11/28 at 2:00pmPST. We will be discussing parts of an extension, interacting with web content, and general extension development. And of course we’ll be taking your questions! Next week’s session will be hosted by Air Mozilla and moderated by Asa Dotzler.

WHAT: Firefox Extension Developer Roundtable
WHO: Mark Finkle, Mozilla Platform Evangelist and Dave Townsend, Firefox Engineer
WHEN: Wednesday, 11/28, 2:00pmPST

Details about the broadcast format can be found at Air Mozilla. We will send updated connection information soon. Get your questions ready!

Mike Beltzner video available

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

In case you missed last week’s technical session – Mike Beltzner discussing best practices and design patterns for extensions – it’s now available online. Definitely check it out, great content and questions.

We will be posting this afternoon about the second in our series – Extension Developer Roundtable on Wednesday 11/28. Stay tuned!

Extension Developer Chat – Wednesday 11/14

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

We hope you are all hacking away on those killer add-ons for Extend Firefox 2! As mentioned in the Developer Resources section of the site, throughout the contest we will be hosting technical sessions on everything from Making a JavaScript XPCOM Component to User Experience 101. Our first developer chat will take place this Wednesday, 11/14, at 1pm PST. The session will be recorded and posted on the site, but please do join us on Wednesday by viewing the webcast or via conference call or IRC. Directions for all are below.

This week’s session:

WHO: Mike Beltzner – Mozilla Phenomenologist and User Experience guru – will be discussing best practices and design patterns for extensions. Questions welcome and encouraged!
WHEN: Wednesday, 11/14, 1:00pm PST

Please join us on Wednesday for an awesome session and some great Q&A.

The Extend Firefox team

IRC or Audio Only

* Join us in the #brownbag IRC channel
* For audio only, use this conference call number:
o 1) Dial 1-800-707-2533 (password 369) or 1-650-215-1282, ext 91#
o 2) Then dial Conference number 8604#
o Note: Do not use this with the webcast. The delay between the conference call and the webcast video will drive you nuts.
o You should dial into the conference number if you want to ask questions

Viewing the Webcasts

* Run Quicktime Player, VLC, or Windows Media Player (or any other player capable of playing streaming MPEG-4), tell it to open a URL (this is Command-U or Control-U in Quicktime, not sure what in WMP or others), paste in the following URL: rtsp://
* It should prompt you for a password.
* Username: security Password: m0z1lla
* If it does not prompt you for a password, you can try entering it at the beginning of the URL, such as rtsp:// (but replace user and pass with the username and password – intentionally left out in the URL to avoid copy/paste mistakes in public places).

Add-on Brainstorm Winners

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Last week several Mozilla folks headed to AJAX Experience, a developers conference in Boston. Part of Mozilla’s presence at the show included a brainstorm contest around Extend Firefox 2. Attendees submitted their coolest, wackiest and most innovative extension ideas to be judged at the end of the week. Check out some of the winning ideas:

• From Josh Ain, an add-on that would color code links to show what type of media they led to – video, a blog, mp3, etc
• From Ajay Reddy, Pregnancy ticker
• From Rick O’Donnell, The Kid Confounder: A novel take on parental controls that allows parents to configure messages that would appear in lieu of “blacklisted” sites or when a child’s time limit ran up on the computer. Messages could include a straightforward error message or more humorous ones such as “Looks like someone has time for homework now” or “Snow days mean Dad doesn’t shovel” and more.
• From Giovanni Flammia, an album view of your bookmarks, tabs, or history like in the iTunes or new MacOSX interface.
• From Brent Ashley, the Talk-like-a-pirate page translation!
• From Tom Baker, an add-on that turns your browser into any vintage computer display – PDP-1, IBM SCAMP, Pal, Apple II, Commodore 64, etc.
• From Denis Moskowitz, an add-on that automatically rewrites all page text in the form of a Shakespearian sonnet.

So what’s your big idea? Let these inspire you and get started on your genius extension or add your ideas to the wiki. You don’t have to be a developer to contribute! What are you waiting for?