Extend Firefox 3, one week left!

The submission deadline for Extend Firefox 3 is right around the corner. Next Friday, July 4th @ 11:59pm PDT, is your last chance to enter your add-on into the contest.  Remember, there are three ways you can enter (full details):

  • Best New Add-on: Have something you have been working on for Firefox 3 that is ready for some major attention? The winner of this category will walk away with a Macbook Air and some free global travel.
  • Best Updated Add-on: You got your add-on compatible with Firefox 3, might as well get rewarded for it! If you utilized some of the new Firefox 3 features in your most recent release, you have the chance to take home a Macbook Pro.
  • Best Music Add-on: If your submission is music related, you are entered into a special category sponsored by last.fm. Once you win it, you will be whisked off to London to attend a Last.fm/Presents live event.

Overall, there are 13 chances of winning something, so your odds are pretty good. Be sure to submit before July 4th!

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