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Extend Firefox Success Story: Shareaholic for Firefox

Friday, September 25th, 2009

We recently received some great news from Jay Meattle of Shareaholic and wanted to share it with the community:

“This week we closed an angel round of funding for Shareaholic to support and accelerate ongoing development from prominent east coast angels. We may also be a part of a NY Times story this Sunday!

The reason this may be interesting to add-on developers (& startups in general) is that Shareaholic got its start from Extend Firefox. I tell everyone this.

Shareaholic is now a company, my full time attention is now on it, and we just successfully raised an angel round in an iffy economic environment. When the first release of Shareaholic was pushed live on AMO, I most certainly did not start off thinking we’d be where we are today. I built Shareaholic to fulfill my own need, decided to release it to the world, and it just happens that a lot of other folks have the same need! It also comes back to my philosophy that if you build a good product, keep improving it based on community feedback, and always keep your users number one, good things will happen.

Other add-on authors should use Extend Firefox as a launching platform — as you never know – their add-on may just end up becoming a lot bigger than themselves and change their lives. Extend Firefox is a lot bigger than the great prizes on offer. Extend Firefox kickstarted my awesome Shareaholic journey. I adore our users and the resulting community that has formed around Shareaholic, it has been really fulfilling, and there isn’t a day that we wouldn’t go way above and beyond for our users.”

A couple of things to take away from this are that the Mozilla platform offers developers the tools to build successful web ventures as well as the support and distribution channels to get your product out to a large, focused audience. In addition, the Extend Firefox contest is an excellent way to get introduced into add-on development and also make your mark in the browser application world.

Jay, Mozilla congratulates you on your success and we hope to continue to provide the best platform, tools & support for developers to build world-class applications such as Shareaholic.

Time is Almost Up! Only 7 Days Left for the Extend Firefox 3.5 Contest!

Friday, September 25th, 2009

Hi everyone! There are only 7 days left to put the final touches on your genius idea. Remember, the contest closes on October 2, 2009 at 11:59pm PST!

We are eager to see what you’ve come up with. As always, let us know if you have any last minute questions or needs. Thanks for being involved and making this contest great. Good luck to all!

The “Extend Firefox Grand Prize Award Winners” AMO Collection

Friday, September 4th, 2009

The Shareaholic team, who were Extend Firefox 2.0 winners, have created a great AMO collection featuring add-ons that were Extend Firefox grand prize winners.


This is very cool! Thanks guys!

The Extend Firefox 3.5 contest is currently under way and you still have time to enter before the October 2nd deadline. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to build the next great web experience and win some fantastic prizes.

The Extend Firefox Contest is Over in 29 Days!

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

The October 2nd deadline is fast approaching and with only 29 days left to build the next great web experience, we wanted to remind you of the resources available to help you during the contest period:

Mozilla Developer Center

Your best source of information and starting point for Mozilla technical question should be the Mozilla Developer Center. With the breadth of information provided there, it’s an invaluable information resource for pushing your add-on to the next level.

Firefox 3.5 Add-on Development

The following docs are specific to add-on development for Firefox and a great resource for understanding how to take advantage of Firefox 3.5’s features.

Firefox Add-on Documentation
Firefox 3.5 for Developers
Firefox Add-ons Developer Guide

Add-on Tutorials

These tutorials will give you the jumpstart you need to get cranking with your development.

How to develop a Firefox extension by Robert Nyman
Video Tutorial – Extensions Bootcamp: Zero to “Hello World” in 45 Minutes
Extension Development 101

Style Guides

Making sure your code is well-formed will help to make your add-ons more maintainable and easier to review by the judges and editors.

JavaScript Style Guide
XUL Style Guide


Mozilla was built on community support so you’ll be able to find plenty of help in the Extend Firefox Discussion Forum.