Extend Firefox 3.5 Winners

Extend Firefox 3.5 has wrapped up and we’re very excited to announce the winners!  With so many great entries, choosing winners was difficult- and these add-ons represent some of the best thinking in add-ons today.

Best New Add-on

Grand Prize Winners (3)

FireFound by Chris Finke

Locate Your Computer - FireFound

Find lost or stolen laptops and phones with a simple and secure Firefox extension

FireFound is an extension for Firefox and Firefox for Mobile that uses the Geolocation API to send your machine’s location to a secure server. If your laptop or phone is lost or stolen, you can simply log into a server and see where it was last powered on. All data is encrypted, so only you can see this information.

Multifox by Jeferson Hultmann


Easy identity management

Ever had to deal with logging in and out of websites to use multiple user id’s? Multifox provides a streamlined interface for managing your logins within a single Firefox session.

Voyage by Hsiao-Ting Yu


Visually explore your browsing history

The aptly named Voyage lets you travel through your browsing history in an innovative and fun way. You can integrate Voyage with your Twitter login to see how your browsing history relates to your tweets.

Runners up (6)

Best Updated Add-on

Grand Prize Winners (3)

Smart Find by Antonio Gomes

Smart Find

Find words in a page, even if you don’t know the spelling

Smart Find enhances the default “Find” feature of Firefox by matching words phonetically. So if you don’t know how to spell “Schwarzenegger”, you won’t have to.

Book Burro by Jesse Andrews


Find great deals on books

If you shop online for books, Book Burro helps you find the best deals. It even searches libraries so you might not even have to buy!

Speed Dial by Josep Del Rio


Quickly dial up your favorite websites

Create presets for your favorite webpages and keep them at your fingertips with Speed Dial.

Best Game & Entertainment Add-on

Grand Prize Winner (1)

Destroy the Web by Jose Enrique Bolaños


Turn any webpage into an arcade game

With Destroy the Web, an innocent looking toolbar button turns any webpage into a shoot-em-up video game. With a pulse pounding soundtrack and high scores for every web page, Destroy the Web is a fun way to take a little break during the day.

Best Shopping Add-on

Grand Prize Winner (1)

Grocery List Generator by Captain Caveman

Grocery List Generator

Keep track of which items you need from the grocery

Ever had to substitute coriander for parsley in a recipe? With Grocery List Generator, you’ll never forget an essential again. With an online database of recipes and an easy to use interface, you’ll have a plan next time you go shopping for food.

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