November, 2006

Nov 06

Hello World


Hello World.

Ever since I started programming in the second grade with Lego Logo, Hello World has always been the first order of business.

This, however, represents the first time that I am literally saying Hello to the actual World.

Right after I joined Mozilla several things occurred in quick succession that really demonstrated to me the scope of what we are working on. First, on my second day of work, a Czech blog posted “Mozilla Corporation se opět rozrostla o dalšího člověka. Je jím Alex Faaborg.” This is when the openness and global nature of my new job started to set in. Nazdar! Secondly, over the past couple of weeks I have been watching parties appear all over the world to celebrate the launch of Firefox 2 (pictured above). And finally, ever since last week, I’ve been watching the Firefox 2 download rate rise and fall as continents wake up and go to sleep. It’s things like this that make you feel stage fright while sitting in a cubicle.

So Hello World. I’ll be working with Mike Beltzner and our community on the user interface design of Firefox 3, and I will also be involved with launching Mozilla Labs. I hope you like my work, and if not, please feel free to flame me in a wide variety of different languages :)

In the coming days and weeks I’ll be posting about topics like privacy, microformats, redesigning notification messages, and end user mash-ups, along with more general design and HCI topics. You can also check out what I am up to by viewing my page on the Mozilla Wiki.