Meeting with Tantek Çelik

Yesterday Sherman Dickman, Myk Melez and I met with Tantek Çelik and Ryan King at the Technorati office in San Francisco to discuss potential support for microformats in future versions of Firefox.

Topics Discussed:

  • They have created a Web service to convert hCard and hCalendar microformats to their binary equivalents, called X2V.
  • Demo of Operator
  • The reason Yahoo! has added microformats to their various properties is the same reason they were early supporters of RSS, because it is the right thing to do.
  • When sending microformated content to an application, we have to remember to include the URL back to where the content came from. This is important because 1) it enables the user to go full circle, and 2) it gives the content producer an additional reason to embed microformats in their Web site.
  • The user interface of microformat detection (I’ll be blogging about this soon) [update: here is the post]
  • The user interface of microformat creation (I’ll be blogging about this soon)
  • The various threats to microformats. Embrace and Extend is a strategy that emerges out of corporations that have a culture of secrecy. A corporation’s level of secrecy translates to the probability that they may attempt to Embrace and Extend microformats.
  • Adding microformats to HTML forms to enable perfect autofill.
  • Impact of microformated content on accessibility.
  • Capturing the microformats that users encounter on the Web, and then enabling users to tag this information. This would allow the user to tag people, events, locations and Web pages with the same tagging scheme. This could potentially fit into our Places strategy.
  • We should expose rel-license somewhere in the chrome. This is something that Creative Commons has been asking us to do in Firefox.
  • It turns out that the real winner in the battle between Internet Explorer and Firefox is OGIO:


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