February, 2008

Feb 08

Answering Questions About the Firefox 3 Themes on Air Mozilla Live

Thursday 2/21 at 14:00 to 15:00 PST (UTC-8) I will be on Air Mozilla Live answering questions about the ongoing work on the new themes for Firefox 3. You can view the show live at air.mozilla.com and participate on IRC, IM, or email. If you happen to miss the show you can of course listen to the podcast or watch the video podcast later by subscribing to the show with a client like Miro. Or, if you aren’t on board with the whole RSS thing you can just download the video directly from our server.

Full details about tomorrow’s show are on Air Mozilla Backstage.

Feb 08

A Second Look at Firefox 3’s Icons

Here is an updated sheet of the Firefox 3 icons. We are still receiving revisions on some of these icons from the teams working on each platform, but it has been awhile since I posted, so I wanted to get this up. While many of these icons are currently featured in the nightly builds, and will be in Beta 3, several of the icons shown here are newer and haven’t landed yet (most notably updates to the keyhole back/forward form). The Vista icons are currently checked in, but haven’t been enabled in the nightly builds yet. This is because we are going to ship one theme on Windows, and determine the correct icons to display at runtime. Since the chrome overrides aren’t set up, we automatically default to the XP icons on Vista, and (as some people have pointed out) this looks rather funky. We should get that issue corrected soon.

Note that these icons are still not final, but if you would like to provide some feedback, please let us know what you think sooner rather than later. Also, I would like to encourage people to provide feedback regardless of how they feel, so we can start to get a better sense of overall public opinion.

Click through for the full mockup:


Also be sure to check out Justin Dolske’s post All Glory To The Hypno-Throbber. Assuming we can come up with a great design, we thought a simple and elegant throbber might help with establishing cross platform consistency, and Firefox 3’s identity.