September, 2008

Sep 08

Polishing Firefox, Week 3

Here are this week’s set of polish bugs in Firefox. This week is all about alignment. I’ll start with two:

1) Location bar icons (star, rss) not vertically centered in linux (bug 455524)
2) Re-size control between location bar and search bar is misaligned on OS X (bug 457773)

Post your alignment bugs in the comments and I’ll add them into the post throughout the week. Also, if you are interested in working on polish bugs, email me at Email and I’ll be sure to cc you on each week’s bugs.

Sep 08

New Crash Reporter Icon

For Firefox 3.1 we are going to try to finally get around to creating a crash reporter icon (currently it just uses a copy of the software update icon). This leads to the question of what metaphor to use. I was thinking about maybe a puff of smoke or a black box, but I haven’t landed on an idea that I think is particularly good.

A couple aspects we need to consider:

-Since the user might have just been interrupted while doing something important, we probably don’t want to be too flippant. At one point our crash reporter dialog contained the text “Crash! Bang! Boom!” which was wisely softened to “We’re Sorry.”

-I’m not sure if we want to create something that is too memorable since it will inevitably become the symbol of our failure (blue screen of death). Instead of people saying “I’m sick of Firefox crashing” they will say “I’m sick of the [insert metaphor we select here]”


Sep 08

Polishing Firefox, Week 2

The weekly series of Firefox polish bugs was interrupted last week due to a meeting with Firefox developers in Toronto to discuss the feature set for Firefox 3.1.

Based on some of the early comments from the last post, this week the bugs are all about the polish of menus in Firefox:

1. Keyboard accesskeys / mnemonics shouldn’t be displayed in Windows 2000 / XP if “Hide underlined letters” is checked (bug 25894)
2. On Vista users should be able to toggle the menubar on and off with the alt key (bug 456535)
3. Icons in the bookmarks menu need padding on the right side (bug 456531)
4. Add roundness to context menus on OS X 10.5 (bug 391984)

Similar to the last week, please leave suggestions for polish bugs to target in the comments.

Sep 08

Polishing Firefox, Week 1

In an effort to increase the level of Firefox’s visual and interactive polish, I’ll be posting a list of around 7 bugs every monday from now until we finish up Firefox 3.1. These bugs will involve fixing some rough areas of Firefox 3’s UI, landing icons that we meant to land before shipping, and trying to make sure every last pixel is perfect.

Here are the seven polish problems for this week. These were mostly selected at random from a larger group of polish bugs, and are presented in no particular order:

1. Star icon should fill in on downclick on OS X (bug 431444) and Linux (bug 431458)
2. Style system tray notifications on Vista (bug 426712), XP (bug 426713), and Linux (bug 426714)
3. Polish the Launch Application window (bug 445639)
4. Remove favicon from “Getting Started” (bug 426976)
5. Set background color of sidebars on Vista to match media collection apps (bug 425999)
6. Don’t change Bookmark Contextual dialog width when clicking Folder/tags expander (bug 421701)
7. Icons in the Applications Prefpane (bug 429725)

If you have any spare cycles and are interested in working on these, by all means dive in. Also, if there are any polish issues that personally drive you nuts, make sure they are filed and mention them in the comments so we can get them queued up for a future week of polish bugs.