New Firefox Icon: Iteration 1

Note: this is a draft icon rendering for Firefox 3.5, subsequent iterations will be posted every 24 hours or so.


The icon is being rendered by Anthony Piraino at the Iconfactory. The design is based on a conceptual sketch by Jon Hicks.

Background Information on the Project

Creative Brief
Evolving a Product Brand
Thinking about Refreshing the Firefox Icon


  1. It would be great if you would post the current (aka old) icon besides the new rendering, at the same resolution.
    I think that it would make the changes more visible.

  2. Andrés Delfino

    I think the Earth should not be glossy. The continents should be green, and the sea, a brighter.

  3. Curious about how this will scale. Many Windows users will have a Firefox icon in their Quick Launch bar and in the past I haven’t been that impressed with how well the Firefox icon scales to that size and one can still make out the important details.

    Overall the icon looks great though. I see the “fire” now. :-)

  4. I think the fire should be more translucent.

  5. The gaps in the tail where the blue shows through make it a lot less substantial than the previous one. I suspect they also won’t scale down well; the tail will just look “dirty”.

    Also not sure about the increased earth glossiness. But I don’t think we need green continents :-) Limited palette is fine.

  6. Looks cool! Hope the change will be visible at 16 and 32px.

  7. Great work on the creative brief.
    I think that the tail/flames in the logo looks tattered, perhaps even chewed up as if it had gotten caught up in a fan. The flames on the new logo in the creative brief brief are much better. They’re fuller, they appear to wrap around the globe more, more 3 dimensional, and they have more depth. I’m curious to read what others think.

  8. I agree with Aubrey. The fire should probably be more “gassy”. The way it is, it look like a spatter of paint.

    The fur is great!

  9. There should be various types of icon, like are various sking under each OS.

    Vista and KDE version should have something glossy like Aero/Oxygen.

    For GNOME/XFCE some Tango icon and for XP some Luna styled one..

  10. Here is my vision of a “less plastic looking” fire.

  11. 1) Bogdan is right that the current and old design should be displayed next to each other for comparison purposes.

    2) I agree more generally with several of the comments that making the earth glossy and the fox matte is the wrong emphasis. This scheme visually highlights the globe and not the fox, which is backwards. Try making the globe’s terrain matte/textured, and the fox highlighted instead.

    3) I also agree with Gerv that the gaps in the tail where the blue shows through are distracting and make it look messy. Perhaps make the flame on the outer edge retain a smoother arc, while the flame on the inner side more ‘hot rod.’

    4) Finally, the transition from fox torso to flame is rather abrupt in this draft. Perhaps more translucent overlays of flame would soften the transition.

  12. Actually, I think the old one is better than this one.
    The head to body’s style is totally different to the tail.
    And the color seems too dark.

  13. Maybe now is the time to correct a misconception about what Firefox is. It is *not* fire and fox, as drawed in the icon. Firefox is an animal on its own.

    And it doesn’t really look like the icon. Firefox does not have a pointy nose and it also doesn’t have pointy ears.

    The white and red coloring is also different. You can see lots of images of firefox (better known as red panda) on Flickr:

    It’s a beautiful animal, so why not use it.

  14. Am I the only one who prefers the first icon?
    Everything was colourful, simple and crisp. Imo, this is another step in the bloat direction.

  15. Edwin makes a good point. The firefox confusion seems pretty widespread (as evidenced by the Foxkeh mascot). It would definitely be nice if the firefox in the logo looked a little more like an actual firefox.

    On a different note, instead of showing made-up continents, what about showing an ancient continent instead, such as Panɡæa? That way, you get a globe that is still Earth but isn’t centred on any modern locus. You could even use it as a metaphor for Firefox uniting the world.

  16. I’d like to see both the original and the new as several others have mentioned. Additionally I’d like to see both of them at the different common sizes so all could be easily compared.

  17. Compared to the previous draft in the other blogpost I really like this one. While the first draft i saw was overly detailed, this one found the correct balance.

  18. I wish I could say otherwise but I don’t quite like this. It looks like the Fox’s tail has caught fire and is about to engulf him. The older designs looked more like the Fox was burning around the world so fast that his tail was extra hot but not burning.

    Please don’t set Firefox on fire.

    As an alternative, perhaps keep the lighting (if that’s the right term) of the draft version but don’t use so many curls. For example if the icon was an analog clock, at around 4 o’clock there is a big curve of his tail coming from the right and one from the left, making it look like his tail is going to burn through near it’s base.

    That scares me.

    Please do not burn the lovely tail off our beautiful Firefox.

  19. Please adopt Aubrey’s technique, I think it’s almost the perfect solution to showing a wrap effect around the planet without the large blue section labeled “Wrapping behind globe” in the concept art. That bit should be minimised as it makes Fox look like he’s an old cat losing fur at irregular spots on his tail. Less “hot rod” flame in terms of shape and more of a gradual, less wild tail but still with the colours and effects of the new ‘hot rod’ tail.

    I agree this icon has too much detail to work at Windows quick launch 16×16 size. I say keep the detail for larger sizes but a less detailed version is needed for 16×16.

  20. I also think the real Firefox (red panda) should be used. Look at the success foxkeh has. Not that that is an exact representation of a red panda but it is a hell of a lot closer. Either that or have this fox’s face show instead of hiding it.

  21. I think the globe is a little bit “flat”..mainly above, it seems flat and plastic.

  22. The shadow on the left makes the icon seem unusually dark compared to the current icon — it’s probably related to how there’s no more streaks of lighter yellow on the left.

    There’s just something strange to me with how the tail is splitting. There’s that gap on the right edge showing through the globe and it feels strange to see the blue sticking out.

    Are there other ways to show that it’s wrapping without having the flame cut out? Perhaps tweaking the transparency and texture of the flame.

  23. The gloss effect on world looks odd and draws your eye to the wrong place; flaming tail has bad connotations; the sneering mouth needs work.

    I like the changes to the ear shadows, and the tufts on the upper body are slightly better.

    In other words, only the extremely subtle changes work for me.

  24. It appears to me that people are confusing refreshing/updating the icon/logo with redesigning it altogether. The goal isn’t to redesign it and start over from scratch so I’m certain that you will not be seeing a Red Panda, colored continents, or even actual continents being used any time soon if ever at all.

    I don’t think that deviating dramatically from the current Firefox logo design is a good idea anyway for numerous reasons (product recognition and association for example) so except for the tail looking shredded and worn, not wrapping well, or not looking too 3 dimensional, I have no other issues with the logo. Not the gloss, globe, continents, or fox.

    I’ve always liked the idea of refreshing the logo and I spoke my mind and expressed my reservations about the timing of releasing an updated logo on Alexa’s previous post, but here it is so I support it.

    Regardless of what the final version will look like, we all have different tastes and opinions so some will like it and some will hate it but isn’t cool that we have a platform to be heard and where our opinions matter directly to a corporation and organization?
    You just don’t see that everywhere.

  25. One thing that is best in current icon is the end of the fox which is curved towards its head.
    It feels more dynamic

  26. I think the part of “fox” in the draft seems too blurred. The global shading behind the “fox” evokes some feeling to me: sluggish, not quick…

  27. I agree with many others, that current logo is better than this.

  28. The fox looks too flat compared to the globe; it either needs to be given more dimension, or the globe needs to be drawn more matte-looking (as others have suggested).

    Also, another vote for seeing a design with an actual Firefox/Red Panda. The facial markings, tail stripes, and black paws could make for a very eye-catching character.

    Lastly, a more general suggestion that could apply to any of the new designs: the new icon could have photorealistic touches at the largest sizes, but would be simplified at the smaller sizes to keep it clearer. For example, the icon for Omniweb on OS X has mountain ranges, cloud wisps, and various other topographic details at 512px square, and the smaller icons are still recognizable as the same globe even though they have clearly been tweaked to stay crisp in list/column view.

  29. This is cool, but the tail is short.
    Do not show the Earth. This not cool.

  30. IMHO, the old one is better; it is a simply stronger design.

    The draft logo in the OP is too fussy and ‘obvious’ (cf. Lord Privy Seal)

  31. Put me down for the old logo, too. It’s quite lovely — this strikes me as change for change’s sake. The ambiguity between fur and flame in the old logo is a feature, not a bug, and its relative simplicity of line is both more visually appealing and better-suited to scaling to various bitmap sizes.

    I’m also not a fan of the planet showing through the tail — it screws with the spatial depth of the piece, making the fox seem flatter and less like he’s emerging, turning and receding. Another part of the problem is the removal of the ridge of fur along the fox’s spine in favor of (sigh) a gradient — this seriously undercuts his twisting motion. By contrast the old logo implies a pleasantly pronounced circular motion that recalls the “loading” indicator and which, by creating a more visually forceful circular motion, is better able to evoke the connotations of that shape — continuity, atomicity, and other nice things to have associated with a software project. As others have noted, the fox now looks like a strangely tubular animal that’s burning like a candle.

    I don’t mean to be negative in a reactionary way. Keeping the brand fresh is an excellent goal. But I think it’s going to be very hard to retool the existing logo — it is simply an excellent rendering of its basic visual idea. If you want something satisfyingly new I think you’re going to have to create something that’s more substantially different.

  32. Gholam Hassan daryaie

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  33. i like it

  34. I think this icon is the best among all the iterations you’ve done so far. The flame look a lot stronger comparing to the lame feather tail in other iterations. This really looks good. I hope you guys stick to this one and make it better.

  35. Why mess up with the original, let Jon H. do the iterations if you need.
    It sucks when someone else tries to take your original artwork and claim ownership after a little true creative…