New Firefox Icon: Iteration 5

Note: this is a draft icon rendering for Firefox 3.5, subsequent iterations will be posted every 24 hours or so. Also note that while these drafts appear with numbers and in a chronological order, each draft experiments with a variety of different ideas as we try things out to see what they look like. It’s better not to think of these as a formal sequence, but rather a series of experimentations to explore the overall design space.

Also please note that the tail (with a current flat color) literally hasn’t been painted yet, this is a work in process as we try to define the correct shape for the tail. Once we get that figured out the tail will get detailing with texture, color and lighting.


The icon is being rendered by Anthony Piraino at the Iconfactory. The design has been influenced by a conceptual sketch by Jon Hicks, and a conceptual render by Stephen Horlander.

Background Information on the Project

Creative Brief
Evolving a Product Brand
Thinking about Refreshing the Firefox Icon


  1. This does feel softer, more connected, almost feathery. Great job!

  2. The only change that I see is in the tail so does that mean that everything else is locked in?

    This tail is really good and wraps well on the inside but I believe that the outer flames need to be brought in closer or just curled more towards the globe and add some inner shadowing to provide some depth.

    I still see the fox’s head as being too dark and smudged looking when there are so many smoothly blended gradients everywhere else.
    And again about the globe’s lower half, it just doesn’t make sense for it to be so light. Perhaps switching out the green colors for blue ones and darkening them a bit would work.

  3. This one is better than before.

  4. It is awesome the tail is much softer now, but be wary of looking too Dragonball hair. I think it is the tiny tufts in the tail that make it look like that.

  5. I must say that this is my favorite one yet. Even though you plan to paint the tail I say leave it like this.

    Good job

  6. This is going in a better direction. Glad that we’ve gotten away from the spiky, menacing tail.

  7. Definitely heading in the right direction.

    My only dislike is the depth or width of the tail fur at 3 o’clock. Curl that in a bit and it and adjust the 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock fur if necessary so that they 3 o’clock adjustments aren’t out of place and that’s the shape to go with I reckon.

    That said, the tail shape and everything else as it is there is quite good as is. My above suggestions are really refinements.

  8. this one is too XPish, iteration 4 was better.

  9. This looks very good. Can’t help feeling a bit sad that the really firey tail from Hicks rendering won’t make it though.

  10. It’s going in a better direction, but for some reason, in the last couple of renderings, I can’t stop thinking that the “fire” looks like the top of a pineapple. PineappleFox? Hmmmmm…

  11. better than 4, but still not as good as stephen horlander’s (it really looks like a pineapple or an agave).

    more constructively: the tail seems as big as the head, in particular as it enlarges towards the end.

    also, while the tail doesn’t connect very well to the body, it looks just attached, losing the nice smoothness of the body.

  12. In this version, I feel like the tail looks too much like feathers, or even, as another commenter suggested, a pineapple.

  13. The only thing i don’t like is the upper part of the globe, that dark blue border make it look like an “O”, and that’s not really good, you know what i mean :)

    The connection between the tail and the body is too straight.
    And the nose, imho, should be shorter.
    The final part of the tail could envelope better the globe, it’s too parallel to the globe border.

  14. Hopefully the color is not finished yet too, since the draft not looks really pale and brown, almost “ubuntuish”. Where is the typical fresh firefox orange?
    The recent iterations are quite good, but my favorite is still the mockup by Stephen Horlander.
    What really bothers me is the graduated arc in the neck area. It goes against the fur quality elsewhere, which is defined only by sharply ended lines, no diffused gradations.

  15. I still prefer Stephen Horlander’s tail. This looks too cartoon-ish!

  16. I like this one, like Aubrey said, the tail is almost feathery. Bringing the Firefox icon closer to the Thunderbird icon.

    The blurriness of the snout is somewhat distracting compared to the smoothness of the rest though.

  17. Kurt (supernova_00)

    Looks soft and fluffy. I kinda want to pet the icon lol. Can’t wait to see what this one looks like after the texture, color and lighting is done.

  18. Poor fox, it’s gone bald. There’s still a flame at middle.

  19. Don’t like the shape of the tail. It looks like it’s made up of leaves, not fire.

  20. I think that the tail swoops too much on our side of the globe, and the the fire should be primarily on the backside with just a few rounding trickles back to our side. This would accentuate the “cradling” and the 3D aspects. Now (and in the old icon too), it looks like the fire is just sitting on the globe. It also looks like the fox’s head is moving AWAY from the globe, closer to us.

  21. I like the colors of the iteration 4, are more vivid.
    I think that the tail is too big.

    I would like view all the proposals together for a better comparison.

    Good work.

  22. Really like this one. The fur on the fox’s back is awesome and the tail shape feels a lot more friendly. Now just paint that tail up and make it look like flames! Good job!

  23. Vulpes vulpes
    The collective mode of this fox species assumes presence of black tips of ears. It would be desirable to see black tips of ears on this icon

  24. The shape is good, but the color needs work. The color of the fox was much better in iteration 4. This is too flat and XP-like.

  25. Are there any plans to hint towards the fox possessing hind legs? Right now it appears that his whole back half is on fire – though admittedly the shape of the fire is looking quite nice!

  26. Might I suggest showing the next rendering in a series of images: black & white, fox only, globe only, and tail only.

  27. I think that the colors are much lighter than in previous iteration, and I think that it is not good. I guess they could be a bit less of contrast than in previous iteration, but if I had to chose then previous iteration is better.

    You can possibly make it like this in Firefox 4, but it is just too much at this point…

  28. The planet is in a different art style from the fox. You need to make it softer and cuddlier to match.

  29. It may just be the lack of final texture, etc., but my first thought when looking at this tail was “decorative plant”. No grand objections to the new design, though.

  30. The dark shaded parts on the tail (right side) are supposed to look like wrappers around the globe, but instead they look more like burns on a fox fur. Instead of «setting the globe on fire», it reads to me like «someone burned the tail of this poor fox».

  31. Aaron Strontsman

    The first iteration I actually don’t like. Somehow the “flames” look too fat and they don’t seem to fit the rest of the body. Also the gradient from red to yellow seems a bit short.
    Here’s another thing which I didn’t like about the other iterations either: The globe needs to be significantly less gloss to still fit the style of the fox.

  32. Skylar L. Primm

    The shape of the tail is fantastic on this iteration! Keep up the great work.

  33. My favorite is still Stephen Horlander’s too. Liked vivid colors of concept, this one looks way muted and flat…

  34. I like it. The fox is a bit too dark, the tail doesn’t blend into the fox as well as iterations 1 or 2 did (there’s still that weird random bottom shadow), and the globe still features that awkward bottom glow (where did that come from?), but it really is almost perfect now…

  35. My 2 cents worth (whatever that is worth these days): I think the fox needs more hair on his head. He looks bald and it reminds me of the really old version of the logo. (that’s how I would point out old logos to people “that’s the old one with the bald fox”)

    Also right where the tail meets the body looks too thin. It just doesn’t look like it fits.

    Between the last couple drafts I kind of liked the curlier flames better. These almost look like feathers.

    Good work revisiting the logo to see if anything can be improved. I personally thought the current Firefox 3 logo was fine, but it is alway worth trying to see if anything needs freshening or improvement.

    Hmm, so will this mean we will all have to buy all new Firefox shirts now? Or was that the idea? :)

  36. I feel like the tail isn’t matchign the head now. The styles don’t seem to match. The tail seems to be floating off the planet, but the front is tightly hugging it.

  37. Better than previous renderings (with the exception of Stephen Horlander’s). I think it would look perfect if you took the fox from Mr. Horlander’s concept and put it over the globe in this rendering, but with the weird lower lighting removed from the globe.

  38. I don’t like the tail nearly as much as the previous iterations–I like the rationale for the new “softer” look, but really, it’s supposed to be “Fire</”, not “Featherfox”.