New Firefox Icon: Iteration 7

Note: this is a draft icon rendering for Firefox 3.5, the next iteration will be posted on Tuesday (Monday is a holiday in the states).

This iteration features a colored and textured version of the tail, with a few modifications to the shape relative to iteration 6.


The icon is being rendered by Anthony Piraino at the Iconfactory. The design has been influenced by a conceptual sketch by Jon Hicks, and a conceptual render by Stephen Horlander.

Background Information on the Project

Creative Brief
Evolving a Product Brand
Thinking about Refreshing the Firefox Icon


  1. Its a great looking icon as it is, but it would be a missed opportunity not to be a little bolder. I think that the tail is looking a tad uniform and predictable. It actually looks as though someone has placed each tuft of hair by hand. Stephen Horlander’s tail was more ‘roughed up’ and a little more messy, which is how I like it.

  2. Looks good! The tails is a bit too fiery though, but I guess that would look good when scaled down. I’m guessing that this is close to the final draft.

  3. Flames are starting to look like tentacles. Ph’nglui mglw’ nafh C’THULHU R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!

  4. In comparison whit the original concept of Stephen Horlander, the tail now looks like tentacles, not flames… and the texture keep looking a little bit childish.

  5. This one is cool!
    The only problem I can spot is the fox head which needs a little more fur. It is too plain now, which does not look natural on such a furry animal as fox is.

  6. I like Horlander’s tail better, too. The flames here are too long and predictable. If the highlights on Steve Horlander’s rendering could be turned down and if more fur could be added I think you’d have a really good icon.

  7. Iteration 6 was far better if you see the tail, Now in this iteration tail is too load I must say, If you see from 1st man perspective tail is going away even then it’s looking hard in color whereas it should be soft in colors , because of this problem it’s looking more plastic and hence looks like tentacles, Please make the tail soft in end so that it will look natural.

  8. Fox looks better now, but theres too much free space on globe

  9. This is looking better, but the curvature of the Fox is a bit jarring moving from the fox to the flames.

  10. Looks good! But I really liked the more realistic-looking fire tails.

    I don’t think that the more realistic tails would go against the Firefox being a mythical creature. (“Not just Fire + fox”) In fact I think they would lift the whole mythicality to a new level.

  11. Steve Horlander’s tail is still much better. I can’t believe you didn’t use his tail design!

    Also, the globe is too bright.

  12. This is great, the tail shape/colors here are the best so far.

    On the globe, I think the gloss should be more defined. Here, it’s too soft, too 2D, and too much like the current globe. The bottom light source (i4, i5) looks different and better.

  13. I still feel that the yellows are less striking compared to the current icon, and when comparing them this icon looks more dull because of it.

  14. I know I may be a little late in the game for comments on the globe, but I feel like the amount of contrast/spectrum from dark to bright is too great.
    The amount of whiteness/brightness on top feels like it’s from a spotlight a couple feet up. I feel like it’s too glaring and even distracting from the fox.
    I do feel it’s looking like a more appropriate evolution overall though.

  15. It looks nice. It looks like the the current logo with some alterations. But I don’t think it looks “newer”, nor does it look “faster”.

    The evolutionary logo changes of logos such as Internet Explorer, Windows, Apple, Ford, Intel and AT&T has resulted in logos which are still instantly recognizable but feels a lot more modern, fresher, newer, faster.

    I think the proposed changes to the Firefox logo are a bit timid. It has less contrast, duller colors, less punch.

    I think you should take this opportunity to make the fox more active. More pointy, listening ears, legs that are on the run. It looks like the fox is sleeping there.

    People are passionate about Firefox, true. But people are passionate about Internet Explorer, Windows and Apple too. But I’ve never heard anybody criticize their logo changes. And I believe that’s because the changes really made the logos feel more up to date and more beautiful. As long as the logo evolves into something better and fresher, few will whine.

    Be bold!

  16. i really like the top-down lighting of the globe. it just looks better in desktop docks. i think the shape of the tail is better than in stephan horlanders rendering (which reminds me a bit of a fir cone) but the shadows are a bit to strong now. on the other hand that looks quite good when it’s scaled down.

  17. The fox his arm now also looks like it has been embossed (or plastic wrapped) and seems to be totally disconnected from the fox’s body.

    It’s also a little limp, but it’s always been that way, this rendering just seems to draw more attention to the limpness.

  18. I like the drafts, and think the latest one is really good.

    There are some things I liked more in the previous ones (these might come a bit late, but I’ll post these anyway):
    – Iteration 6 had a bit more land mass on the globe. And there was one island also.
    – Iteration 5 had better lighting on the globe (light coming from down also) and land masses (they were a bit darker, but not as dark as in iteration 6)
    – Concept rendering from Stephen Horlander had quite nice tail, it had a bit more detail than the current one. I also like the color a bit more, because it kind of looks the end of the tail is brighter than the start (like the stereotypical white end of fox tail). Other thing I liked in it was a bit sharper colors (especially in the paw).

    Overall I like the current colors very much. Especially that fox is not as bright red as it was before (in iterations 2) but more brown, like a real fox. I also like the general shape of the tail very much.

  19. I think that after this, everything but the final version would be spamming :)

  20. The tail doesn’t look particularly firey now. The colour doesn’t seem to be yellow enough, and I would be tempted to say that the flames are a little to straight. Perhaps somewhere between the really curvy one (with the ‘hot rod’ look) and this too-soft look would be better?
    I think that everything else is perfect though.

  21. Horlander’s is still much better. While I prefer his tail to yours, I might be able to get past it if the composition of your fox as a whole made more sense. You’ve got this jagged “tail” thing coming out of what is otherwise a rather smooth and boring fox. You’ve dummied down the fur lines and contrast on the head and torso of the fox such that it doesn’t fit with your new, flamboyant tail. Why on Earth do you want to go in two disparate directions on either end of the fox? It seems to me that if you want to go nuts with the tail, you’d update the rest of the body to match rather than updating the rest of the body to say “don’t look at me, look at my tail!” It’s no wonder you don’t include a reference rendering of the current icon — it would make it obvious that yours is very loosely held together, whereas the real thing has a sensible and “symmetric” transition between the head, torso, and tail. It’s one creature rather than one with some tumor growing out of its ass.

    I worry that the biggest problem with this process is that the chosen designer may be more interested in matters of ego and credit rather than producing something people can agree is actually an improvement over the current piece. Along the same line, if my suspicion is correct, that is also why he seems to prefer a greater break from the original design. I suppose it would be more satisfying to say “I redesigned the Firefox icon” rather than “I modernized the Firefox icon!”

  22. While the globe looks much better here, I still like S. Horlander’s Fox more. :)

  23. That one little part of the fox’s tail shouldn’t be pointing away from the planet — it goes against gravity, and makes it look like a separate, living entity.

  24. Oops! Hit “submit” too soon. I meant to add, with its current tail, the fox looks like it’s wriggling away from the world.

    That’s not a loving embrace.

  25. Lorenzo Orlandi

    the tail start looking very cool, though I still think you should try to mix more with Horlander’s tail style ;)

  26. Wow, a big majority here seems to like Horlander’s tail better! Should that not be clue enough?

    No tentaclefox, please!

  27. For me is the best iteration of all.

    The tail is great. If you view all icon together the actual tail is the best. Perhaps add more shadow at the top for a best definition.

    In this iteration the world is more blurred. I prefer the globe and the colors of iteration 4 with less bright at the top or a more subtle effect.

    The right ear of the fox is dimmed by the glare of the world.

    Finally, I like the texture of the fox’s head was a little stronger as in the iteration 4.

  28. I agree that the flames are beginning to look like tentacles as was mentioned above. Also, compared to the original icon, the colors are much less saturated and subdued. I would go with brighter colors where possible – helps the icon stand out more.

  29. Skylar L. Primm

    The tail looks phenomenal in those colors! I agree that the arm looks a bit disconnected from the body in this iteration, but otherwise it just keeps getting better.

  30. This is PRETTY good, but the fox should look more edgy. If you put a backwards cap on the fox, replace the globe with a bomb, replace the fox with a manatee, and then make everything way more shiny, but you know, with a matte flair, I think you’ll finally have a winner. The reds should be more yellow, and the yellow should be more red. And also, do everything else these people here say, especially stop being so damn predictable and clearly anime rape porn inspired. I mean, I saw that tail coming for days! Shoot.

  31. PS – I’m not the other Kevin that posted here @ 10:48am. Interesting note, Wolfram Alpha says Kevin is the 26th most popular name in the U.S., who would have thought.

  32. I still like Iteration 1 best. Using flames may be a better idea.

  33. I like this new feathery tail. Like a phoenix-fox.

  34. It seems to me that the back fur looks as if it’s made out of swirled paint or something, as if somebody put the logo on a turntable and spun it around.

    I also don’t think the colors are right. The oranges are too dark, and the shadows on the tail tufts are too dark, compared to the fur itself.

  35. Its great! But I prefer 6

  36. I don’t like it. Especially the tail ‘flames’ or ‘feather’ or whatever they are that is pointing in the wrong direction. At this point I am thinking you should give up and stick with the original logo. No-one is going to notice this change…

  37. Just take the tail from “Concept Rendering by Stephen Horlander” and this is a done deal!

  38. Don’t like the tentacle tail… also, it doesnt really make sense as to why the tail wraps around the globe, but the body doesn’t… just a thought. Also, the black areas in the tail bother me. With all that “glow” that would presumably be given off by the “fire”, I find it hard that there would be complete shadows right next to it….

  39. Just to clarify, Iteration 7 is perfect. I see no reason to keep iterating beyond this point.

    @Ivo, sorry mate but your icon is horrible. Definitely take the F out and maybe then refine it from there.

  40. The tail looks like a bunch of plastic feathers or tentacles. Why not making a real fox tail with flames on it? The whole “fox” looks more like a snake-flying-bird with a fox head with just one leg.

  41. sans.sin.cera

    The tufts of fur in the tail are all of uniform length. What makes Horlander’s tail so great is that he mixes the length of the tufts, short to long. I would also twink the colors of the fox a bit more. The globe is perfect at this point.