Presenting this Friday at ZURB

This Friday I’ll be giving a presentation about the design of Firefox as part of the ZURBsoapbox lecture series. If you are in the Bay Area and are interested in attending, you just need to RSVP. The talk will cover:

-The design philosophy at Mozilla
-The unique process of coordinating user experience design in an open source environment
-The future of Firefox’s user interface

More details are over at the ZURBlog. If you can’t make it, they will also be posting the talk to their podcast. I’ll be taking lots of questions, feel free to post any you have below or in their announcement.


  1. My top 3 are:

    1) Why no close-tab button on the left for the Mac version?

    2) Why no address book and keychain integration for the Mac version?

    3) Why no dictionary integration for the Mac version?


  2. 1) When will aero land to 3.7 nightlies
    2) Personas + Aero = ?
    3) When will thumbnail previews in windows 7 get fixed (their position while viewing gets bit upwards)

  3. It should of been getting fixed!