App Tabs in Firefox 4 Beta 2


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  1. How do app tabs deal with notification? For example, when having received an instant message on Facebook the page title is changed (flashes) to notify that a new message has been received. Obviously this won’t be seen on an app tab as the page title is hidden. Is there another way to achieve the same notification functionality when using app tabs?

  2. I am having trouble having these “app tabs” reappearing when i cold start my browser.

    Can you please add additional code to have these tabs be saved if “Show my windows and tabs from last time” is not selected please.

    Thank you

  3. Alex, I am sure there are things for facebook just like there is Better Gmail 2’s – message count in fav icon.

  4. How about a description of what this is? I would much rather read a short article (or even a long one!) about it than watch a video.

  5. Unless the memory model in FF4 is revamped, I’m not likely to use this feature… I do like the idea though.

  6. I can’t make the tabs persistent. After I make the ap tab and close browser, nothing when i reopen.

  7. Where has the combined stop/reload/go button gone that we have seen in so many mockups before and that I already got so used to with the strata4 theme?

  8. I agree with Josh – text explanations are much more user friendly – I can read very quickly but I can’t do the same with a slow old video. This trend to video instead of text is very frustrating.

  9. Using Mac OS 10.6.4. I agree with others that the App Tabs, once created, do not persist after shutting down the browser. I also like to read instead of watching a video.

  10. Echoing Greg, I’m also experiencing the same problem in OS X 10.6.4

  11. – App tabs are not remembered independently from sessions

  12. This is simple and lovely, it makes local web apps like TiddlyWiki/mGSD and any SomePageISaved.html so easily accessible. You have to hack the page to add a local favicon reference, maybe that could be made easier.

    Now give us a beefed up directory view (what happened to merging Downloads into Places?) as an app tab and Firefox 4.1 will take over another 20% of desktop functionality!

  13. Curious if these will sync with firefox sync?

  14. The overall look is good, I like app tabs, but already do that by leaving multiple tabs open and saving and restoring when I need to close FF. This version, from the comments, is a little dicier. Not a fan of that. Just be sure everything, including addons, works before releasing into the wild. :^)

  15. I too, prefer text over video, though I wonder if you read the comments people leave here at all!

  16. Same issue with app tabs not persisting after shutdown. I’m using Windows 7 on an ASUS eeePC netbook.

  17. Simple yet effective. I like it.

    It would be great if websites such as GMail & Facebook could possible show the amount of new messages someone within the small App Tab i.e. Icon (1).

    But as it is, I’m happy!

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  19. Steve Ranger:
    there is a addon called “unread gmail favicon” which displays the number of unread messages as favicon for gmail.

  20. I have some ideas about this.

    for one, its not so different than pinning tabs in chrome.

    read more:

  21. RIDICULOUS to use a video to explain this!
    I prefer text explanation – or at least include both.

    Remember, not everyone has HIGH BANDWIDTH connection.
    Video is so inefficient!

    As to the feature – if the AppTab doesn’t persist through browser close / reopen, it’s pretty pointless!
    I never want sessions restored – when I close the browser then re-open, I want BLANK slate – but somehow now I can’t get back to that. The App Tab as well as all the other tabs I had open when closing the browser reappear no matter what options I select.

  22. Wow – seems that once I’ve made an AppTab, Session Manager settings are ignored and closing the browser saves all the tabs which are restored at next open.

    the only way to get back to default non-session restore option is to make app tabs back into normal tabs, then either close all the tabs and then the browser, or close the browser, reopen (tabs are restored), close again and reopen!

    Crazy! AppTabs should persist but not at the expense of forcing ALL TABS to persist!

  23. Just one little idea :

    It could be usefull to allow some fine tunings for the app tabs like so :

    – change the favicon (in case we are dealing with the same domain but not the same web application)
    – remove the navigation bar for app tabs (some web applications doesn’t require the navigation bar at all, we could gain a little height with that little follow desactivated)

    Forgive my english, I really should improve it (the sooner the better).

    Feel free to tell me what you think of my ideas, i really want to share about firefox 4.

    It can become a real challenger to the chrome browser it term of speed and reliability.

    Cheers everyone ;)

  24. I’d like to second Guillem’s suggestion of removing the navigation bar on a per-tab-base: I do not need it for my webmail or twitter app tabs.

  25. I’m not sure if anyone is still reading these comments, and regarding these comments for “additional features” for next releases.. But here I go .. I’m running 4.0pre5 .. and have the following improvements to the app tabs.

    1. For a bookmarked item, allow it be “opened” as app tab.
    ex. In my bookmarks, Select the bookmark, right click select properties, and enable as “App tab”… anytime I click on this bookmark it knows to make it an App Tab.

    You could simply replace the “Load this bookmark in the side bar” with “Open as App Tab”

    2. This setting to be synced with Sync.


  26. Yet another follow-up ..

    Or a global setting, in the Firefox pref –

    Firefox -> Options -> Tabs

    Have a setting “Open all tabs as App Tabs” I would adore this feature too..


  27. This feature is still implemented in Operas Omelion Skin:

  28. The app tabs if treated like an app should persist and also have certain customizable features:

    1. When I open the browser it should keep the app tabs there.
    – If I have multiple windows open they should have an option to persist as the same app in each window. So if I flip back and forth I see the same app just “appearing” in each window.
    – If I reload the browser/open it and I had a saved state, when i first click on the app tab it should ask me to return to the “Home” url for that tab or go back to the last page I was on. This should also be built into the load restore feature.

    2. Whenever I am on an app page I should be able to click the Home button and it takes me to the Home URL defined for that app. So like maybe I am using, instead of having to go back and click on some link in the page I use the home key.

    3. I should be able to nest “pages” as part of my app. So I can take some of the tabs from say panorama an associate them to an app. When I open an app it might switch my tabs out to show those in the group. When I open a new tab while in that “App” it goes into the group. Maybe I could even have multiple groups in an app and switch back and forth. Which is common for things like research, project management etc.

    4. I should be able to change the Icon and Name of my app. That way I know what I see there, esp for sites that don’t offer their own icon or the same icon for different sites.

    5. When I click on an app tab I want it to be more like using an app. Until I click on the exit app button or skip to another window, or another app I should be in that app. This should be considered a mode option. Some people may just like shortening tabs but I think it’s more useful to make it like an application feature. Which means it can tie in very well to panorama, sync, and in the future should let me socialize/share stuff from my app setup.

    6. I second the idea of notifications. If the page on the app or an open tab associated with an App has a change it should make the app blink. Now data changes all the time like on a live video program, feed tracker, stock data. But now would be a good time for someone with HTML5 to propose a javascript command for notifications to the browser? And since it’s an app they should be allowed to be ignored. Think mobile phone notifications. Most apps have settings for notifications. I go to a site and it asks “Want to be notified?” or maybe a button in the URL bar comes up in the color yellow titled notifications and I can setup for that site how I want to handle. So facebook would be a good site to accept notifications from their URL for IM, but maybe I want to ignore feed updates. I know lots of stuff but hey, it’s feedback.

  29. You’re a fucking piece of shit faaborg, just wanted to remind you. Carry on!

  30. As all of the above comments show, App Tabs has been quite incompetently implemented. You acknowledge that the need to have App Tabs is in order to replicate the Dock (Mac) and QuickLaunch bar (Windows) within the browser.

    One thing that has been almost unbelievably overlooked is the fact that the average computer user does not have to recreate their Dock every single time they turn on their computer – this would defeat the purpose of having one in the first place. Similarly, App Tabs are rendered completely and absolutely useless unless they are a persistent user setting that appears in each new window and across sessions. Judging by the heavy response you have gotten here, I think it is fairly likely that this will be fixed before FF4’s release, and I should hope so, because while it is a very useful feature, in its current implementation it is all but useless.

  31. have a look at this browser based on Mozilla

    have look at the sidebar apps in it….. They have certainly modified the counterpart in Firefox.
    Cant i do the same in Firefox4, i mean, watch a video while browsing , without changing tabs.

  32. Would be great if there is option, global or per individual tab, to enable the tab when in private browsing mode.

  33. I think both local and web apps (think tools), should be juggled from only one place, such as the Windows taskbar, and browser tab bars should be used only for web page browsing. That’s why I think Prism is an awesome concept, even if right now it’s way too crude for the average user.

    Currently I’m only using Ff4 app tabs to keep a home tab, which I previously needed two extensions to accomplish. I just wish like before that I could make it persistent on any window. Screenshot:

  34. It’s very frustrating that the app tabs don’t persist or bookmark as app tabs. What I do, is hit ctrl-shift-d, and save all my app tabs as a set of bookmarks FF4 makes it hard to do this without keyboard shortcut, then on my new session, load the bookmarks and right click them (again) to make them app tabs. Not ideal, but better than loading each individual page.

  35. It would make sense if the “app tabs” would be stored in a special bookmarks folder. Any folder within the bookmarks should be able set to an “apptabs” folder by right-click.


  36. I’m not sure if anyone is still reading these comments, and regarding these comments for “additional features” for next releases.. But here I go .. I’m running 4.0pre5 .. and have the following improvements to the app tabs.
    70-515 dumps | 1Y0-A18 dumps | 70-646 dumps

  37. Like the blog but you need to change the font color. Seems everyone is going for the light grey text. This is difficult to read on my macbook. Also its a wb accessibility issue – dark on light, light on dark – not light on light (white)

    Also, when is Firefox coming out with an App for iphone?

  38. Amazing!!! thank you for this feature.

    Quite dificult to find is some don’t tell you but, one’s I found it… I really think it’s amazing

  39. MAKE SURE, please that you make it so that when I open a window or a new session, that my landing page is not one of the app tabs, so that I don’t use them to navigate around on accident.


  40. very good, but I can add a folder, the new folder there, on the tab, to save other pages as a bookmark or most visited style

  41. Great feature. Installed 4 release and see the app tabs are not persistent across browser restarts. Hope this is a bug that will be addressed soon.

  42. I am using App Tabs. When I close my browser and then open it again, the App Tabs have moved around. How can I get them to STAY where I put them, in that order?

  43. HELP! This is driving me nuts!

  44. I uninstalled app tabs from the addons selection in the tools menu, yet I still have the “pin as app tab” option when I right click a tab. How can I really remove this?

  45. Did I just see “Get to da choppa!” on the window?

  46. Hey Alex,
    Long time no see (since Paris’s AP Calc class, or HS graduation). Anywho I love how fast the new version of Firefox is and the new interface is pretty nice too. I love the speed of Firefox but think it’d be better if it were a bit more customizeable so users could make it use as little screen space as possible for the GUI (e.g. allow people to shrink the URL bar and address bar to the size they want to take up as little or as much space as they want).
    I have the search bar turned off (chrome style) and wish when I right click to customize I could shrink / grow the address bar, and also wish I could click and drag the bookmark icons to the area next to the Firefox bar that is already being used up by the window anyway.
    Also right clicking and customizing, and moving icons around isn’t exactly WYSIWYG, some of the icons disappear (I can’t have back, forward, refresh and stop to the left of my address bar, maybe that’s a skin issue. I’m not sure, but honestly if I had just a little more freedom to customize the UI, then would make me never want to go back to Chrome.

  47. Firefox 4 official release is out and the app tab function is still not fixed. The app tabs only stay put when i reload Firefox, but when i have multiple windows of Firefox open the app tabs are not in the other window. App tabs is pretty much a useless feature. Plus it ups the CPU usage. Firefox 4 alone uses 160,000K of memory average. This is ridiculous. Using app tabs bumped my memory usage up to 500,000K of memory.

  48. Jeseph Joubert~ The aim of argument or of discussion should not be victory but progress.

  49. I uninstalled app tabs from the addons selection in the tools menu, yet I still have the “pin as app tab” option when I right click a tab.

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